Monday, December 13, 2010

2 SOLID weeks in the bag....

The past 2 weeks have been awesome in terms of training.  I have logged some big hours and I am feeling strong...perhaps stronger then ever. All of my training is aerobic in an effort to develop my base fitness, which has been lacking the past few years. This easy training is keeping my motivation high and allowing me to log consistent hours week after week. This consistency is also something that has been lacking over the years. I have found that my training was always a touch too hard, which left me feeling tired a lot and really not motivated. So, this new found approach is really working and I am enjoying the whole process.

It really helps to have the right people around you too. I have been training a lot with Lesley and since we are on the same page it works out really well. The days just seem to fly by...we are logging workout after workout, day after day and it is obvious that we are both getting stronger and really enjoying the hours. I have an awesome crew at Rehab United to training with. They all push me and I can honestly say I have a blast working out with them every week. The workouts are BRUTAL but the sessions seem manageable since we are all there suffering together.

Perhaps more then ever I am excited about my training and upcoming races. I think it has a lot to do with the new training stresses and approach to the daily routine. I know I am doing the right things, I am having fun b/c of it, and I am seeing results.

So, the plan is to keep the hours high and remain consistent heading into Christmas, then a little rest and travel, and then back home to get back to it.  When I am not training I am super busy with Skinfit. Trying to wrap up the year with a strong holiday season and looking toward 2011. I have a lot on my plate right now but, most importantly, I am happy with the way things are going so I am just going to keep plugging away.

Kind of a boring post without any pics or major adventures to share. Truth be told, my life has been pretty steady as of late and I couldn't be happier about it. I travel a lot most of the year so to be home for a while putting in some good work on all fronts has been really satisfying. More of the same this week. I will try to snap some pics to bring some life to these posts!

Enjoy the week!