Friday, October 31, 2008

Newest sponsor

My newest sponsor for the 2009 season is 53x11 coffee. I am so excited to be working with them for several reasons:
1. I have an addiction to good denial here. It is the reason I get out of bed and it fuels my every workout and movement for that matter.
2. They are a small and dedicated company.
3. They use organic, free-trade beans.
4. They give a lot back to the community and the environment.

So, their goals and ideals are exactly in line with mine... a perfect match!
Checkout their website and get yourself some coffee!

Winter is here (in my mind at least)!

I know winter is here b/c I did my first ride in the rain yesterday with Reto! I know it isn't "officially" winter but it sure feels like it. The temps have dropped, the roads are wet, people forgot how to drive, the smell of wood fire is present every morning, I need to wear gloves and a beenie when I run in the mornings...I love it. Well, I don't really love the rain but I like it when it get a little chilly and I get to break out all of my cool Skinfit cold weather/winter gear.
It was actually a VERY cool ride yesterday...we went for a couple hours up through the Santa Cruz mountains and since the wind was blowing so hard there were thousands of leaves falling (since we were in the forest) for the entire 40 min climb up hwy looked like it was snowing and it felt so awesome to be riding through it all. Too bad I forgot my camera!
Since it is slated to rain this weekend I have no excuse but to swim so swim I will. Plus, I will be back in the weightroom b/c I am not quite sore enough =)
Happy Halloween! Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weights...oh, the soreness!

I am back in the weight-room and man I feel sore today. I certainly went light yesterday as it is my first time back in a while but wow! Ha, Ha, I love it though b/c I know everytime I am in there I am getting stronger and will be able to push bigger gears on the bike, run up hills faster and pull harder in the water (all with less fatigue!). So, despite the soreness I will continue =)
To be honest, I haven't really focused much on weights over the last couple of years b/c I spent my time logging miles in all three sports, which I think was necessary. Now that I have a good foundation (lots of miles) it is time to work on my weaknesses and develop my power in all three sports. So, I think time in the weight-room is going to change the game for me next season giving me the strength I need to really compete.
Besides that I am getting in the water a few times a week (come November I will up the hours spent in the pool so that come December I can really get after it)just for "feel." I am doing a lot of drills right now and nothing hard(or even moderate). I am on my mountain bike a few times a week (hardly any road riding right now) and I get out with the dog for runs a few times per week. Since it is November if I don't feel like training I don't and I try to take 2 days off completely. This is normally the time of year when I really "shut it down" but since I haven't raced since June I am doing some work now to prepare myself for December when my Base phase begins.
The key with Xterra is that the season is so long so I will be careful to not do too much now b/c I want to be fired up to race come October 2009.
Well, that's it from here. Have fun out there!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Man, is it hot or what?!!!!

--So hot I even cut off all my hair!

It has been blazing hot here in Monterey...the temps. on the trails are down right brutal after about noon. Note, 3 hrs on the mountain bike with 2 water bottles is stupid! I think I just now got rehydrated and got rid of my headache. I just didn't think it would get so hot here but, that's the thing with mountain biking, there isn't a 7-11 or starbucks on every corner so leave prepared =)
So, yesterday I went for my long run a little earlier in the day and managed to avoid the high temps. After my run I went over to the pool and got in 2500 and it felt GREAT!
After training and some work, Jess and I went to the beach to get out of the heat and we had an awesome time. The sun was out, it wasn't very crowded, and sophie was chasing her tennis ball like she was possessed. Carmel Beach is really a magical place and one that we will always regard as one of the most special places in the world. It will be hard to part with this place.

Today is a long ride and then Jess and I will find something relaxing to do.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sponsor update...

I have been putting together sponsorship proposals for the last couple of weeks and, honestly, I have had some really great things happen.
New for 2009:
I signed a 3 year deal with Rudy Project so I will be outfitted with some great sunglasses and helmets through 2011!
I just now signed a 2 year deal with Xterra Wetsuits so I have no excuse but to swim faster now since they make the fastest suits on the market =)

Also, I have retained my contract with Avia so I will be wearing some killer new trail racing shoes (can't wait to get these...Xterra specific design!). I will still be under my powerbar contract for another year and I am stoked about that! I will continue to work with my long-time supporters Matisse and Jack's that make INCREDIBLE bake-at-home goodies! They are amazing people and they have supported me for the last three years.

I have some more proposals floating around out there and if they come through it would be huge! It will take a little while to hear back from a few of them so I will keep you posted as things progress. For now, I couldn't be happier with all the support I am getting...I wouldn't be able to survive in this sport without their generosity!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Base, base, base

I spent friday getting in 3 good workouts under the blazing sun...the weather has been amazing! Friday night we had a big birthday celebration to attend and had a blast. Here are some pictures from the party...I thought I would "showcase" the three women in my life that keep me on track =)

-Me and Jess

-Me and Mom

-Me and Grandma

So, let's just say saturday wasn't a very productive day but it was probably good b/c on sunday I joined a big group and rode 90 miles and spent 5 hours in the saddle. This is an annual ride put on by the Hwy 68 hillbillies...I had a great time and logged some serious miles. It felt good to be back on the bike and putting in some has been a while since I have gone this far and, honestly, I even questioned my ability to finish the thing (seeing straight at least). I did manage to finish and felt suprisingly good.
Monday I got in a run with the dog and then went up north for a little work.
Now, the base miles continue...

On another note, James Walsh and I are teaming up to do a 12 hr mountain bike race in Temecula on November 14th. I am really excited! James and I are both sponsored by Matisse and Jack's so we will be racing as "team Matisse and Jack's!" If you haven't tried their products you are missing out!!!! Seriously, they make some great "bake at home foods" and I often times feel like I live on them! Plus, the company is run by two incredible people that have supported me for the last three years...Aaron and Sarika, you two are incredible! Thanks for all the support. Now, please visit their website and get yourself some "goods" won't regret the purchase but you might become addicted, especially to the chocolate chip powersnacks!

Friday, October 17, 2008

My "feel" is returning...

It feels so nice to actually "feel" the water. I am certainly not swimming hard workouts or anything but I can actually swim with a bit of efficiency and power now, which is fantastic. My swims right now consist of getting to the pool around noon, swimming under the blazing sun and loving every minute of it...the way swimming should always be, right?! Ha, ha my days of sunny, relaxing swims will be short lived b/c in a month or so the weather will turn and I will most certainly be attending morning masters swims regularly. The thought of 6 am swim workouts is hard to swallow right now when I have such a sweet noon time swim routine =)
See, the days of swimming slow must end for me and that requires some serious time in the water. I am willing to put in the time and it's time that I will need to bring my swimming up to the level it needs to be...time and an insane amount of yards/meters. So, my winter/off-season mission will be to swim, swim, swim...who's coming with me? =)

--View from my "backyard"

I am getting back my "feel" for the bike and run too. The legs are turning over easier and hills aren't quite so daunting. I love when fitness starts to come back, even if it is base fitness. My base mile rides and runs have been great...time with the dog and warm weather. The joys of California!
And yes, I have been doing work...Skinfit, coaching, sponsorship proposals (just so you don't think I am a slacker!)
Well, off to the pool for my "hard" noon session... =)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A great few days...

We just got back last night from a few more days in San Luis was a great trip and we got to see friends and family.
On friday I got in a mtn ride and my third swim of the week. After some training on friday we cruised down south to meet up with some friends for some beers at Firestone Brewery in Paso Robles.
Then, on saturday, I manged to get in a mellow ride and run with one of my athletes, Jennifer. After our ride/run we headed into town for some wine tasting (and a few beers) in the park...always a great time!

Listen to me, sounds like all we did was drink...ha, ha. It was fun and we did do more then just drink, I promise!
Sunday was another mellow day and I didn't do any training.
I woke up on Monday and hit the road for a 4 hr ride through the vineyards and hills and down to the was an incredible ride for sure!
Here are some pics from my ride...

-On top of Hwy 46 west...the best view on the ride!

-I made it down to the coast!!

Now that we are back in Salinas it is time for a little work and some training. Hope all is well with everyone...take it easy!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Feeling good...

Well, I have recovered from my move (it probably took me about 5 days!)and I am feeling more normal. In fact, I am getting in some very solid training and feeling pretty good, which is a bit suprising. It helps that I am getting some good sleep finally.
Two days ago I had an awesome mountain bike ride. I went out for a little under 3 hrs and just nailed of those rides when your just flying downhill like your on rails! It was great and got me so excited I even went for a 30 min transition run and carried a bit of a harder pace (just for fun of course =) )
Yesterday I hit the pool for the second time and got in a mellow road ride with Greg. I still don't feel very good in the water but it is coming back ever so slightly. I am just logging mellow base miles with the goal of entering my 2009 season with a HUGE base and solid foundation from which to build off of.
I will be doing this type of mileage until late november and then I will take a couple weeks off before I really start back at it mid-december.
I am just glad I am feeling more myself and am able to get in some good training days.
Coaching is coming along and I am getting new clients every week which is great. I love coaching and I really look forward to working with my athletes.
Well, off for my long run and then time for some work.
Have a good one out there!
Oh, if you or anyone else would like coaching for the 2009 season get in touch with me...I am accepting a few more athletes! Contact me by email at

Monday, October 6, 2008

Final day in SLO and back "home"

My final day in SLO was spent getting breakfast at the beach with Jess and Tom and then we cruised back up to north county and I went for another ride through the vineyards. I love it out there, it's just amazing! I really feel like I am getting back to normal after the move and it feels awesome to be training again (despite feeling completely out of shape!) Four days in SLO was just what the Dr. ordered and I think Jess and I are feeling much more relaxed.
Today we drove back up to Salinas and then I went out for a run with the dog and then hit the pool for the first time in over a month! The water felt great and the sun was out in full force but swimming is plain HARD right now! It will come back soon but it sure is hard after such a long "break."
Things are going great in terms of coaching. I am really excited about all that is happening!
I am pretty busy with everything right now but I feel so happy and so relieved. It is a good busy and I am stoked!

Life is full of choices...hmmmmm

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Oh, it has been nice...

The last couple days have been really nice...some training, time in San Luis Obispo, quality time with Jess and the company of some great friends (especially my buddy Tom from Arizona).
Yesterday Tom and I went out for a 3 1/2 hour road ride through the vineyards...I miss these roads. It felt great to be back on the bike but man am I out of shape and slow. Regardless, Tom and I had a great ride and then we went out for some wine tasting/beer tasting and then back to my parents house for some great food. Today we woke up to some rain but went down to watch my good friend Jennifer finish her first triathlon (a huge congrats to her!) and watch two skinfit athletes, Victor Plata and Reto Waeffler give it to the other pros...two skinfit athletes in the top 10, not bad! After the race Tom and I went for a long run in the canyons and then got some grub at the infamous Firestone in SLO.
We came back for a nap and then plan on going out for some dinner shortly. Tomorrow Tom and I will head out for another 3-4 hr ride down to the coast...It should be awesome!
I have some great pics from the race today but I will post those later.
Hope all is well out there!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The move is finally over (almost)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, that was a serious process! We officially have way too much stuff and I am so happy to have donated TONS of it to Goodwill/Salvation Army. We are beyond beat. I feel like I raced for 7 straight days! Now we are in need of some serious relaxation.
We are staying with family for the next month or two before we relocate down to S.D. (so, yes we do have to pack up another uhaul in a couple months but all the really hard work is done and we have simplified our lives big time!)
We have some loose ends to tie up today and then we are home free...we are heading down to San Luis Obispo tomorrow for some time away, to see family, see some friends and, of course, to get in plenty of riding/running. We love it down there and it is the perfect place to go when we need some normalcy in our lives.
So, now we are off on a whole new adventure and it is going to be great on so many levels. I have to tip my hat to my amazing wife b/c she has been so supportive of all these changes. I love you Jess, your the best!
Now, I can finally get back to some training. Given that it is October now and I am really preparing for next season I won't be doing anything crazy but I would like to spend the next couple months building up my fitness again with some longer base miles. The past 2 months have been touch and go and, quite frankly, I am really out of shape and I feel it on every run/ride/swim. I am looking forward to getting back on the trails and the great weather is going to make it that much more enjoyable.
That's it from here...just thought I would send out an update.