Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blogging slacker...

It has been way too long since my last blog post. I wish I had time to do this more b/c I do want to track my emotions, adventures etc. as I train for Ironman and Xterra.  Obviously, trying to train and run a business is taking every waking moment of my life so blogging has fallen to the wayside.

--Good times at a New Years party

To  be honest I could probably write 10 blog posts about all that has happen over the past month. The bottom line is I am training a lot and VERY happy about how things are coming along. I am healthy and logging some mega miles in prep for St. George and the Xterra Circuit. I dare say I am stronger now then ever before and all fingers point to a solid 2011.  The approach is very different this year with more focus on logging big base miles and developing my aerobic capacity. Something I have kind of done in the past but never to this extent. The big emphasis is on power and aerobic efficiency in all three sports.  This is all being devised by Adam Zucco who is coaching me this year. He is an incredible coach (USAT developmental coach of the year) with a wealth of knowledge and a true understanding of who I am as an athlete and person (we have trained extensively together and are good friends).
It has been really nice to be home as it allows me to get into a routine and just take care of business. There will be plenty of travel in my future so I am enjoying some time in sunny SD. Plus, I have some great training partners (Lesley, James, Bryan, and more)that push me and keep me motivated as well as a strong support system between Rehab United and my rolfer Michael Boblett.
With St. George in the picture this year it will be tough to be strong for all the Xterra races in the series. So, the plan is to focus on Xterra Vegas and Waco, then go into Ironman mode for St. George, and basically just show up for Xterra Pacific Champs and Southeast Champs. I am really bummed the Pacific Champs is the week after IM. I am sure this will be a killer course and practically in my old "backyard." I grew up not far from Santa Cruz and I would really like to give this race a good go but oh well. If I can walk heading into this race I think I will be happy. To be honest, I am not even sure if I will make it up there given the magnitude of what is happening the weekend before.  So, after that block of racing I will gear back up for Xterra East and Mountain Champs to hopefully get back some of the lost points during my Ironman recovery.
I will probably even headed over to Europe for some racing as I have to go over there anyway for Skinfit...maybe Xterra European Champs and 70.3 European Champs. Then, of course, I plan to focus on Xterra Nationals, Ironman World Champs in Kona, and Xterra World Champs in Maui to wrap up the season.

So 2011 will look like this:
-Desert Classic Duathlon (AZ) followed by AZ training camp
-Xterra West Champs (Vegas)
-Xterra Southcentral Champs (Waco, TX)
-Ironman St George (UT)
-Xterra Pacific Champs (Santa Cruz, CA) (questionable since it will be one week after IM)
-Xterra Southeast Champs (Pelham, AL)
-Xterra East Champs (Richmond, VA)
-Xterra Mountain Champs (Vail, CO)
-Xterra European Champs and 70.3 European Champs (?)
-Xterra Nationals (Ogden, UT)
-Ironman World Champs (Kona)
-Xterra World Champs (Maui)

*still a slight chance I will do 70.3 California and 70.3 worlds in Vegas is also a possibility
--Then the year will be over and it will be time to party with these clowns again!!

--Christmas was to hangout with our two nieces!

So, a lot going on here. I am excited about where things are headed and can't wait to test the body at the first races of 2011. Giddy up!!