Monday, April 27, 2009

The weekend...

The weekend was pretty good. The week of training leading into saturday was solid...I can confidently say that I am in the best shape of my life and come my first peak race of the year (Idaho) I will be ready!
I spent the first few days recovering from Sea Otter and then by the end of the week I was feeling much better in all three sports. I tried to swim as much as I could this past week to try to get back up to speed after several weeks of bike and run focus.
Hopefully this week I can build off of the work I put in last week.
On Saturday, James, Lesley, I went out to Mission Trails for a race simulation workout...we did 3, 5 mile laps at race pace with 5 min easy spin between laps. It was a tough little course with a lot of steep climbs and technical descending...good practice for sure. My lap times started at 26:30 and my last one was a bit under 28 min...certainly not the ideal drop in times but too be expected I think b/c the effort was high and descending gets a bit tougher the more tired you are. After the bike we put the running shoes on and set out for 30 min with the first 20 min at a hard tempo. Great session with great training partners...a perfect morning.
Sunday I woke up WAYYYY too early to head up to L.A. where we had a Skinfit Booth at a local triathlon. It was a good event and I met a lot of athletes/fellow vendors. It certainly made for a long day and I was really happy to get home so I could see Jess. Hadn't seen her in over two weeks! She is off again to the East Coast for 4 days so our visit was short but better then nothing.

--Our new tent!

This week is loaded with hard training and then I am up to Wildflower...we will have a booth there.
Well, that is it from here. Off to the pool.
Have fun out there.

--The new Avia kicks showed up...really like them. Can't wait to try them out.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life back in S.D.

Training has been great since getting back from my 3 week "road trip." Being back in S.D. feels good and I am going to enjoy the next week b/c then I am off again...up to Wildflower and doing my first Xterra race in about 10 months (Del Valle).

It took me two full days to recover from Sea Otter. Well, I am actually still recovering but there is work to be done and I am up for it. So, Monday and Tuesday were lighter days with some swimming and running. I had a big day yesterday...did the swami's Wednesday group ride (just under 4 hrs and plenty of intensity) plus a run with James and crew in the evening. It was a tempo run on a hilly course and it was good. Today, I swam noon masters...main set was 4x400, which is always painful and never at all enjoyable. However, it is a necessary evil and certainly my weakness so I just "turned my mind off" and did the workout. The rest of the day I took care of other things so that I can log some quality training over the next few days.

Today I cruised over to Xterra wetsuits to pick up my stoked! I got a lot of great stuff including the 2009 Vendetta (so comfy and fast!) and the Velocity 0.02 (for non-wetsuit swims). I will give the vendetta it first splash tomorrow afternoon...can't wait!

This weekend will include a super hard day on Saturday with some race simulation mountain biking and running and then Sunday we will have a Skinfit booth at the L.A. Triathlon Series (Bonelli Park). I will do my long run after the race on Sunday and maybe hop in for an open water swim while I am there.

The day ended with some vino, pizza and a big salad. Jess, sorry, there was only good wine left =)

That is all I ave to report from down south. Hope all is well out there...have a good friday and weekend!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Skinfit blog...

Checkout the latest news on the Skinfit blog

We just got a big shipment and there are some sweet new items! Let me know if you need some gear for the race season!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sea Otter training/racing...

The past several days were loaded with training and racing. I am beat and will be resting even more today. I had been away from racing for a long time until this weekend. What better weekend to get back at it then Sea Otter...I love this event and I know the roads/trails very well.
I started my racing adventures on Thursday with the crit. Man, it has been a long time since I have raced a crit and it showed...the surges were pretty gnarly and the hills on the course made for a hard session. All in all though, it was AWESOME training and perfect for Xterra...hard, hilly hour race.

On Friday, I was back at it but this time I was racing on the Laguna Seca race track for the circuit race. This is by far my favorite cycling race....hard course and crazy fast, fun descents on the race track. I had so much fun! I had a bit of cramping during the race after I threw a few attacks (it was so much fun to mix it up and launch some attacks up the climbs). I was certainly dehydrated from the day before and the race efforts were certainly taking a toll. It will take some time for the body to get back into racing but, the bottom line was that I had a blast racing and will be stronger for it.
After the circuit race I spun home for a run, ate, and then took advantage of the AMAZING weather and head out for another road ride with James and Ryan. A great day with about 6 hours of training. Plus, a massage and an epic dinner made by my grandmother!

--The boys rocking Skinfit on the way to Ryan's race on Saturday

--heading to the start of the XC on Sunday...Skinfit in full-effect!

Saturday it was all about recovery...I did a mellow lap of the xc course with James and then did a drill swim with Eric. Sunday it was time to test my fitness on the XC course...2 laps and 38 miles (a very brutal morning!). Turns out it was really HOT and I think nutrition was key on the day. I think I had a decent race having already raced Thursday and Friday. I felt in control the whole time and actually managed to have a lot of fun railing the singletrack...the course is SOOOOO nice right now.

--Me finishing up

It was a lot of fun to race with James and I think we both came away completely stoked on the day.

We were both pretty cooked after the race so we rode easy back home and, yes, I did get in a transition run. Of course, it was all I could muster to just run after such a brutal effort in the XC race but I did do it and then spent the rest of the afternoon trying to cool off and get back to normal.
So, a perfect 4 days of training and after some rest I will see the results of my hard work.

I am finally back in S.D. after being gone for 3 feels great to be home and I can't wait for Jess and Sophie to get back down south. We have been apart for a while now and I miss those little ladies =) I will rest up a little and then get back to the hard training. I am starting to feel fit and I love it.

--Beautiful morning in long run before heading up to Sea Otter

Have a good week and have fun out there!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Rest week done...time to work!

The rest week was perfect and I came out of it feeling good. It showed on monday when I did my hard run (6x1k with 2 min rest). I ran way faster then I ever have, which is promising to see. I followed the run up with a mellow swim with some drill work.
Today I felt the effects of my hard run and had a horrible swim workout. Later today I did a recovery ride on the rollers, which is always good for coordination and drill work. I will try my hand at swimming again tomorrow =) and then get in a ride and run.
I have Sea Otter this week so I will be racing my bike a lot and I am really looking forward to it. I have been away from racing for a while now so it will be a good gauge of fitness. It is certainly the time of year to start going HARD so we will see how I cope with the pain =)
Truthfully, I feel as strong now as I ever did last year (and every year before that) and I am just starting the really hard workouts. I am pretty happy with where I am right now and I am confident that over the next several weeks I will really come into some good form.
Kind of boring post, sorry. I should have more interesting info to report once Sea Otter kicks off on Thursday.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Life in SLO...

This week has been mellow from a training standpoint...just letting all the hard work from the last 4 weeks sink in. I will start back at it with some longer training this weekend and begin 2 very hard weeks of training on Monday.
This week we have been doing some Skinfit work...working with teams, shipping out product, etc. I have also been getting everything settled after my truck, smog checks, registration, etc....blah, blah, blah.

So, kind of boring report this week but boring is good when it comes to recovery weeks b/c it means I am doing exactly what I need to be doing, recovering. I got in a couple rides including one mountain ride that was a blast. Trying to get my swim back in order with some quality drill and kick sessions.

Here is a picture from our Skinfit booth at the race last weekend out at Lopez was a good event!

We have been SUPER lucky to be staying with friends in a beautiful area of SLO...the pics don't do justice to how beautiful it is here.

I am trying to figure out where to spend the next 5 days or so. I just have to be in Monterey next Wednesday for Sea Otter so who knows where I will spend the next 5 days training? Stay tuned to find out =)

Monday, April 6, 2009

a quick one...

Just a quick update to say that I had a huge week of training last week in SLO...high quality time on the bike and fitness will show in a week or two when it has time to set in. This week is a rest week after 4 focus weeks with some intensity on the run and bike.
I am currently in Monterey finalizing a truck purchase and then back down to SLO for a while as Jess continues to do some work. It is likely that I will be in SLO until Sea Otter so I am stoked about that. The weather and training has been ideal.
Gotta run, busy day today.
Have fun out there!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Giddy up...

I am logging some serious miles and the intensity has increased. I was pretty beat after yesterdays adventures...started the morning with a run and felt incredible, then a drill session in the pool. In the afternoon I rode 2 hrs down to SLO and met up with my buddy Pat to ride out to the Tuesday night crit...whew, that was brutal! I haven't done a crit since my Cal Poly Wheelmen days and I was quickly reminded where my fitness stands at the moment. The surges were gnarly and, while I haven't trained for that type of racing, it is still humbling to be put in your place =) Basically, I got in 4 hrs of riding and 45 min was full-tilt.
So, I was a bit tired this morning but I dragged myself out of bed to join the Wednesday ride. So good to see the old crew and catch up. I was reminded today how incredible this place is...beautiful for sure, quiet roads and the people are so mellow and nice. We got in a hair under 4 hrs with some sustained climbing and then I set out for a hard run session...8 min hard, 2 min easy, 4 min hard, 2 easy, 2 min hard and cooldown. Let's just say I was cooked after this one but I actually felt great with regards to how it all went. I rode and ran well.
The training continues tomorrow and through the weekend. Big miles and quality hours. My body is responding well and I think after some rest all the work will really set in and I will officially be ready to launch into some race simulation/complex training.
The legs are up and I am doing some work. So, that's it from here. I will post again soon. Have fun out there and make the most of your day!