Friday, January 30, 2009

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A pretty good couple of days

--Sporting some new Rudy Project glasses

Things have been really nice down here in S.D in terms of weather and I have made the most of it.
Yesterday, I had a good run in PQ cyn. I followed that up with a strength session and an easy swim with tons of drills. I then went up north b/c I needed to ride trails in the afternoon but before the ride I needed some food and I wanted to do some work. Santa gave us some Starbucks cards so I put those to use, got a sando, and then went down to fletchers cove to enjoy my lunch and watch some surfers. At this point in the day, I was thinking to myself, "it really doesn't get any better then this." I mean, a solid morning of training, lunch on the beach, work in a great beachside coffeshop (and a huge piece of coffecake and an espresso!), and a ride on the trails to cap off my day. I set out for my mountain bike ride and got in my prescribed low cadence climbing and I was feeling good. I decided to head home and then things got a bit out of control. I got two sliced through my sidewalls. James, you need to get out there and clean up some of those rocks ;) So, with two flats and all of my "fix it" items used up I made the 2 mile walk of shame back to my car. Not how I wanted to finish my "perfect day" but, oh well. Overall, I still feel pretty lucky that I can call my "office" the trails, pool, beach, and coffeshop.

-Not a bad view

Today, I cruised down to coronado to swim long course. Reto sent over a pretty serious set and it kick my butt. Warmup, 200 IM +15 sec., 5x100 "cruise interval," which isn't cruising in the slightest, it's pretty hard, 200 IM, 4x100, 200IM, 3x100, 200IM, 2x100, 200IM, 1x100. All continuous, meaning no breaks between rounds. The tough set was made a little easier with the blazing sun, warm temps and ocean view from the pool deck. After I wrapped up my 4k in the pool I went home, shoved some food in my gut, and then took off for my 3 hr ride. Now, I am beat, legs are up, and I should probably get going on dinner b/c I am starving.
That is it from here. More training on tap tomorrow with a masters swim and a long, hilly trail run. I am feeling good, a little sore from all the work, but good and that makes me very happy!
Enjoy your day and have fun out there!

--Someone cuts some sweet singletrack in Scripts Ranch and I pulled over to check it out...Hmmm, they obviously don't want anyone in there so it must be good =)

Monday, January 26, 2009

The past few days

The past few days have been filled with training and rest. The weeks load took a bit of a toll as my body is still getting used to the high volume (Hence the day off today). However, I did manage to get in some really great training and I felt pretty good doing it.
I am excited for what is to come with regards to training. My plan (well, Reto's plan) employs a lot of new techniques (well, not really new, but new to me and they will incorporate a lot of different workouts and create a different structure for 2009). The running will be aggressive, hard and high volume. I am told, that the new plan requires some serious determination and if I am soft the plan won't work...time to buckle down and go big! The strengthening is also going to shift a bit and will incorporate some new, dynamic moves that will keep me strong but not tear down my muscles so much that I can't get my other workouts in at the level I need to.
I will keep up the higher volume swimming and make sure to do the long distance sets that are required to swim fast. In the past, I did swim but I just didn't swim correctly, meaning that I didn't do the right type of work. So, I have committed to working on my weaknesses and that means swimming long, hard distance sets at least twice a week in a long course pool. The rest of the time will be spent at masters and I will also do one recovery/drill session to work on form.
The bike is certainly a priority since Xterra is my focus. This next phase (which starts today) will incorporate more rides (especially on the mtn bike) with an emphasis on low cadence climbing to build strength and when I say climbing I mean lots of it! Mixed in will be some tempo climbs as well to build the "engine."
So, today is a day of rest and then tomorrow I get back at it.
Enjoy your week and have fun!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Training, training, training...

I have been logging the miles and yards lately. Feeling good in all three sports but certainly feeling the effects of high training volume. My body just needs to get used to these high loads again. The last time I put in 20+ hr weeks was back in May so the longer sessions are wearing me out. It is a good tired though and one I haven't felt for a while. I am feeling more fluid in every discipline, which is exactly what I want and need right now. And, I am eating a ton now...I had a couple pretty serious bonks over the weekend and earlier this week, which tells me my metabolism is going like crazy with the increased training stress. I was trying to drop a little of the winter weight but that will happen naturally now that the volume is going way up. No more going light on the calories b/c I need the fuel to make it through my workouts. I love eating so I can handle this ;)

The swims have been pretty tough with long distance sets making up the bulk of the swimming. For instance today at masters, we swam 200, 4x50, 400, 4x50, 600, 4x50, 800, 4x50, 600, 4x50, 400, 4x50, 200, 4x50. The longer distance were all on base 1:20 so it wasn't really hard swimming, just long steady aerobic swims. So, no joke and tons of repetative yards, which is pretty boring but one of my weaknesses so I just bite the bullet and get it done. Yesterday, I swam a test set in this new long course pool in Coronado (thanks for the heads up Tom!)...sweet facility and I am fired up to have it so close b/c UCSD is short course until March. I can't say my test set went great but not really bad either. The first one of the year and it will be interesting to compare my times and heart rates to tests later in the season.

We are set to get some rain today and I conveniently have a trainer session and some weights scheduled for the afternoon so I will stay nice and dry =)
This weekend it looks like we should have more sun so I will get in some long base miles. That's it from here. I am beat from my 5k swim workout this morning so I am going to get some rest.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

It feels so good...

Ahhhh, it feels so good to be training again and this weather has only made it more enjoyable. I started back on friday with some light training...super mellow stuff but it felt amazing to be out enjoying some fresh air again.

--Mellow spin along the coast

On saturday morning I knocked out a masters session. I cut it short b/c I wanted to ease into it. The workout was pretty tough and I am a little timid to push it too hard. I am feeling 100% but this weekend is just a chance for me to get back into it. After my masters session I went out on the mountain bike for 2 hrs. It was a beautiful day and I felt good. I managed to get in quite a bit of climbing and the trail conditions were perfect.

--View from the top

--I am calling this climb the crippler...a wheelchair sits on the side of the trail at the start and this climb kicks my butt at the end of every ride. I am sure James will agree!
After my ride I set out for a mellow transition run. Suprisingly, I felt good on the run too. Just goes to show that some downtime keeps you fresh mentally and physically. I had some decent base fitness going into my "sick time," which is one reason I wasn't too concerned to be taking time off and my fitness is certainly still there.
This morning I went back to masters and it was a really long workout...nearly 5k! It was already hot outside when we were swimming so it was nice to get some yards in (hot at 8 am, crazy!). I can tell I haven't been in the water for the last week. My form feels a bit off and I don't quite have the punch I had but it is only a matter of a couple more swims and I will be back to where I was. My times are still decent but I just don't feel quite as fluid as I did. I decided to get some rest before I head out for my long run along the bay. So, here I am, letting some food digest and then I am heading out to battle the crowds on the bay. Seriosuly, there are a lot of people here right now...a small glimpse into what it will be like during the summer, CHAOS!

On another note, Jess and I took the cruisers out yesterday and got a beer at PB Ale House...a fun place and some good deals. It was a little hectic along the boardwalk but we had fun just riding along.

--B & L hooked it up with some bike repair this weekend too...thanks guys!

This afternoon we are meeting up with James and Beth for some playoff action...good times!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Tomorrow I plan to start back with some light training after being sick for a while now. I am really excited to get back at it. Before I got sick I felt strong and I was happy with my progress. I am not really too worried about my time off as it is still early in the season and I had some decent form not too long ago. I am sure it will come back quickly as it always does. The weather has been unreal so I can't wait to get out an enjoy it.
The biggest news here is that Reto Waeffler will be coaching me. Reto is a good friend of mine and has been for over 10 years now. He was on the Swiss National Team (triathlon), raced on the ITU world-cup circuit and has gone head-to-head with the best triathletes in the world. Reto has been a resource for me over the years and has taught me almost everything I know. In the past, he has give me some input regarding my annual plan and has played a consultative role throughout the year but I did pretty much all of the planning/scheduling myself. Now, Reto is officially taking over and will be playing a very active role in my training and racing. I am excited to have his guidance, especially since I am planning to take my racing to the next level this year. I need his knowledge and experience to make the big jump I am aiming for.
I have some other things in the works but it is still too early to reveal those. Exciting stuff though.
Just wanted to give an update. I should have more to share after the weekend.
Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Still sick...

Well, still sick and not too pleased about it but I have been making the most of my time, getting plenty of Skinfit and coaching work done. I felt much better about 3 days ago and started back with some lighter training but it managed to come back and now I am taking a couple more days off. Reto had this exact same cold about a month ago...same symptoms and it even let up to only come back 2 days later. So, based on what Reto says happen to him I should be over this mess in another couple days. Can't wait to get back to normal and resume training. Not really worried about anything as it is still so early in the season but I just want to start getting fit again b/c I felt like I was really on track a couple weeks ago.
I am actually up in Northern CA knocking out some Skinfit business and I will likely head back to S.D. in a day or so. Nothing like an 8 hr drive to set you straight =)
Just wanted to give an update. Hopefully by the end of the week I will have a training report with some pictures!
Hope all is well out there. Keep those dreams alive!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I wrote this during my "sick time" b/c I just wanted to get some thoughts down on paper. I was a little reluctant to post it but figured I would share my thoughts. So, here you go...

The last couple of days I have felt a bit under the weather so I have had some time to think and to really examine where I am in my life and what surrounds me. I have started the last couple mornings on the beach throwing the ball for my dog…I love this time because the world seems so peaceful and I am left to stare at the beauty of the ocean. Really, it is a happy place for me where I can get back to basics and just think about life, my dreams, my past and my future.
I have big dreams, dreams that I often think very few people will ever understand. Dreams are interesting in that you don’t need other people to accept them, they are your own and no matter how outlandish they seem they mean something to you. However, as humans, I think we often times seek the support of others as we chase our dreams and when people throw criticism our way we question ourselves and we can start to doubt that our dreams are even worth keeping.
Triathlon is a sport that is tiny by comparison and, in most circles, triathletes are looked at as crazy endurance people that don’t do anything but exercise, they are one-dimensional in a sense (despite doing three sports). To a point, this is certainly true, but I think within every triathlete there burns a fire and a dream. It may be the dream of finishing a single sprint triathlon or it could be a dream of being an Olympian. Whatever the dream may be it is a dream, something that each person embraces whole-heartedly and chases with a passion that some can only image.
As I chase my dreams I find myself on a lonely road. Training hard everyday as a neo pro is tough and very few people can understand why I do it. Most people find out I am a triathlete and we chat superficially for a while about training and racing but I never go into what I have accomplished or what my dreams are. In fact, only a select number of people know my dreams and I think there are two people in my life that truly believe I can achieve my dreams, I am one of those two. Sure, many people support me but I think the number is small that actually journey down the lonely road with me.
It always drives me crazy when people criticize others for dreaming big. Why put down other people in their pursuit of happiness? Maybe it doesn’t resonate with your goals or your way of doing things but why should it? Dreaming big has led to so many amazing accomplishments, things we never even though possible. For those amazing things to happen someone had to walk the lonely road of dreams, ignore the criticism, fight everyday, and live their passion. Big dreams make this world a magical place and they inspire people…why stifle this? Dreams make people better, stronger, and happier.
I write about this because I see people throwing negativity around everyday and I hear people talking about how much they hate their jobs, daily routine, etc. It really bums me out to see all this happening because I think we all have dreams but often times they get pushed aside because we, and those around us, don’t believe. So, I am just saying that you don’t need the world to support your dreams. You just need to think BIG, be passionate, optimistic and, most importantly, you have to BELIEVE!
Living your dreams isn’t easy but the reward of happiness and accomplishment when you make those dreams a reality is something that you will have with you forever. I have learned too, that there really isn’t an end to your dreams, you just keep dreaming. Sure, you accomplish some big goals in your lifetime but the journey you take in chasing your dreams is what will change you and leave you feeling inspired and alive.
Honestly, I am not sure I will ever achieve my dreams but I can assure you that my dreams will not die and I will chase them with every ounce of my heart and soul. In my opinion, if you stop dreaming BIG dreams you will never really live to your full potential and, when it is all said and done, you will leave this life with your best hands still on the table. You see, dreams don’t require money, they aren’t tied to race or gender, and they all originate from your mind, your heart and your soul. No one can take your dreams away from you (as long as you believe) and when we all die we die still embracing our dreams. So, don’t stop dreaming BIG dreams and don’t stifle the dreams of others because they are the heart and soul of this world and they bring out the best in humanity.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Skinfit USA catalog

Alright, the long awaited Skinfit USA catalog is now printed and ready to be mailed out!!! It has been a long-time coming and we are happy with the finished product.
Let us know if you would like us to send one to you.
You can email us at

Live Skinfit!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

S.D. days...

The past few days post new years have been great. They have been filled with training and good times.
On friday, I met up with Luke to ride Aliso Woods (about an hour north of us) and some other park that we connected was a SWEET ride with some technical descents and plenty of climbing. I can't wait to get back there. Luke said we could log a good 5-6 hour ride out there without hitting the same trail, which sounds like something we will have to do later in the season!

On saturday we had a bit of rain so I got in a really solid masters session in the morning (8x400 was the main set and I actually swam some decent times...I like swimming when I am feeling good =) ) and then hungout with Jess and caught a movie...gotta love rainy days sometimes. Although you would have thought the world was coming to an end by everyone's reaction to a LITTLE rain...seriously, 1 rainy day followed by 10 days of sunshine in the middle of winter is nothing to really complain about. About 2 weeks ago I was living in the rain and snow and it literally came down for a week straight. I will take this S.D. weather hands down!

Today I swam masters (swam fast again...yes!!!) and then met up with the fam for a killer breakfast on the water in Pacific Beach. Later in the afternoon I met up with James to explore his trails in the La Costa Hills. It was a GREAT ride with plenty of climbing. We rode some trails James has never been on and figured out that we could get in some serious trail time out in those hills. More exploration will take place soon...we only saw the tip of the iceberg.
So, I couldn't be happier about where I am right now with my training and life in San Diego is going really well. We really love the beach culture and it is really nice to be so close to everything (we haven't really had that for the last 5 years). Life is good and everyday it just get better! Have fun out there and remember that you only live once so make it count!