Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My life at the moment and a plan

So, I am sitting here in Chicago for work and I will be here until the 19th. A long time for sure and I might go crazy by then! My saving grace is that I have some really great trails right out the front door of the westin hotel and I have been hitting them up everyday, sometimes even twice a day. I am sure I will get injured but keeping my sanity is paramount! I actually saw the sun rise on my morning run and the sun set on my evening run...pretty cool.
The big news is that Jess and I will be moving to Mountain View in the next couple weeks...we found a house to rent up there and we were able to rent out our house. Finally, it is all coming together. I can't wait to get this all settled so that we can get our normal lives back! It has been crazy lately to say the least and I think Jess and I found ourselves at the breaking point several times. Oh, life...some days are so hard and some are simply perfect.

I think it is time to commit to doing the Xterra Xduro World Championships (half marathon trail run) on December 7th. The race is in Hawaii so it will be a bit of work to get out there but I need a goal and I crave to be close to all the Xterra action. There is no way I can train hard for all 3 sports (since things will be crazy until well into November) but I can get in plenty of running. Running is amazing, so efficient and it makes me feel alive and free! So, that's the plan, to do the Xdura World Champs and I am excited to give it a go. I have wanted to do some Xduro's but they always take place in conjunction with Xterra races, which means I can't do them. This is my chance to get in some quality time in my running shoes and on the trails and, quite frankly, I am really excited!
My 12 week assault starts next monday so this week I am just logging some time on the trails to build up my endurance (and to keep my sanity). So, it is on to a new adventure and once this one is done I am going full-steam ahead toward the 2009 Xterra season. Let's just call this Xduro thing a teaser or, maybe it is better to call it hard core preparation for next season when I tackle the races that really count, the 5 Xterra National Series races and the Xterra World Championships in Maui. I'm coming to play!


Matt said...

I don't need a specific amount, but did you have some good luck with the airline tickets to HI? I've been planning to do that race myself - on 12/5 I turn 40 :-0
so I thought that would be a perfect celebration. BUT the tickets were like $700 a piece. Is that what you guys found?

If it's on, my next post concerns some training suggestions for that beast!

Cheers, champ!

Matt said...

I meant "training questions."
I have some!

BTW, Mountain View? Sounds very nice. Keep up the good work.