Sunday, August 22, 2010

Awesome week!

--At the Del Mar races...just couldn't pass it up!

It has been one of those weeks that make you very happy and excited. Everything seemed to fall into place. Jess and I celebrated 5 yrs of marriage, Jess got promoted, training is going well and I am feeling stronger, Skinfit sales continue resulting in our best month ever (and it's not over!), and I had some great times with friends.  I am a lucky guy for sure!

I am off to Chicago tomorrow for my first ever Skinfit sales trip outside of California. It should be a great week filled with meetings, networking events, and training. I am excited to finally get out has been a long time coming since Chicago is one of our biggest markets.  So, if you live in Chicago drop me a line b/c I will have tons of Skinfit gear with me.

On the training front things have been going really well. I am in total base/strength mode and I have seen some good results. Feels good to be healthy and logging some consistent training. I will continue this base/strength phase for another week and then when I get back from Chicago I will start to dial it up a bit with more specific workouts tailored toward the Xterra Worlds course. I mentioned in my last post that I am planning to race Nationals but this week I decided against it. I need a little more time to prepare for racing. In order for me to race well at altitude I need to acclimate at altitude for 2-3 weeks before the race...this requires a lot of time, travel, and money. Since I know I can't be in great shape for Nationals I just can't justify the time and money. Plus, by not going to Nationals I secure myself a couple extra weeks of prep for worlds. If I go to nationals I will have an easy week before the race and will need the next week to travel home, settle in, recoup from the race and time at altitude. So, I figure I will lose about 12-14 days of quality training. Quite frankly, I need every day I can get to be ready for worlds and I really don't want to rush anything. All I have done this year is rush, deal with injury, and race when I was far from race fit and healthy. I would love to finish out the year with a couple months of consistent, quality training and a good go in Maui. It has been a tough decision b/c I do want to race Nationals but at the end of the day I really hate racing when I am not ready physically and mentally. Some people can do this but I just don't really respond well to it so I have made my decision.  My ticket to Maui has been purchased, my sights are set on that race, and I am excited for the day.

So, that's the news from here. Wouldn't mind having another week like the one we just had. It will certainly be a fun adventure out east and I will no doubt have some stories to share. Thanks for reading and have fun out there!