Sunday, February 13, 2011

Backing it up...

Obviously still slacking on the blogging front...I have intentions every week but somehow time just slips away and it is too long between blogs.
The bottom line is I am backing up day after day and week after week of consistent, solid training and I am healthy. I haven't been rolling along like this in a VERY long time and I am excited to see what the season brings. I just hope I can stay healthy and keep this all up b/c I will most certainly be stronger then ever.

Most all of the hardwork is happening at home in San Diego but Lesley and I did make it out to Chicago for a Rocky style winter training camp. I have major respect for all athletes living outside of CA and AZ. Seriously, snow sucks and when it's that cold out it aint fun to train. I think if I lived there I could rival the best when it comes to beer drinking and consumption of huge meals. I just struggled to stay motivated in that climate but guys like Adam Zucco amaze me b/c they put in the work and come out to race in CA when snow is still on the ground out there and they lay down some solid performances. Incredible and inspiring actually. I think I will stick to CA and AZ though.

Speaking of AZ I am headed out there early this week for my annual training camp. I have gone out there around this time every year and I love how it builds my motivation and gets me back to what I love about the sport. My buddy Tom has the perfect training grounds in Scottsdale and it is starting to feel like home. A lot of time on the trails under the desert sun is in my near future and I am pumped. It is so beautiful out there and it will be a good change of pace.
Kind of crazy that some big Xterra races are only 8 weeks away and my first Ironman is only 12 weeks out. Travel plans have been made for the first several events of the year so it is all feeling very real and it's exciting. I am looking forward to the travel and the challenges. So, with big races around the corner I started my beer drinking plan ;) Kidding of course (kind of) but you have to have fun along the way or what's the point!

That's about it from here. Busy busy and it is only going to get more nuts when the travel starts for both Skinfit and my own personal races. Fun times ahead....the dream continues!

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melissa said...

Glad to hear everything is going so well!