Sunday, July 8, 2007

A bold move...we'll see what happens!

Many of you think of triathlon and think of the Hawaii Ironman, which takes place in Kona each October. Yearly, there is television coverage of this special race and you see images of victory, triumph, and struggle. For a triathlete, the Hawaii Ironman World Championships is the pinnacle of the sport and most every triathlete around the world dreams of crossing the finish line in Kona.

I, like so many others, have a dream of making it to this event and crossing the finish line. So, today I signed up for Ironman Arizona in an effort to qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Kona. Like the Xterra World Championships you have to qualify at another event and I have choosen Ironman Arizona as my qualifying event.

To be totally honest, this is unchartered territory for me b/c I have never competed in an event this long. There will be several variable to control in order to even finish the race, let alone earn a slot to the Ironman World Championships. The biggest hurdles for me will be nutrition and mental stength. I will be in good shape physically but these other two variables have to be in check for me to have a good day.
So, this will be a great adventure, one that I have debated for a long time. I have finally pulled the trigger and I will be participating in my first Ironman April 13th 2008 in Arizona. Xterra is my focus and will remain my focus into the future but I will officially begin my Ironman prep December 1st after a long break in November...stay tuned.

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