Monday, August 13, 2007

Time for some rest...

After Snow Valley last weekend Will Kelsey (the pro that won the race) and his mom came to stay with us for a couple days. We had a blast training together and I think they both had fun checking out monterey. Will is doing some great things for the sport of triathlon...check out

Starting on wednesday I started feeling really tierd and I began to realize that I just needed some down time. I have been going full-steam for a while now and it finally caught up with me. The good thing is that I had a recovery week scheduled so this next week will be very mellow. I will allow my body to fully recover from the stress that it has been under (from all sources but mainly training). I am looking forward to some down time b/c when I get back to it I will be completely recharged and ready to tackle a very tough training block as we near nationals and world's.

Hope all is well. Thanks for following my adventures!

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