Sunday, August 26, 2007

My upcoming schedule...It's game time!

Nationals is only 5 weeks away and world's is a mere 9 weeks out...this means it's crunch time and from here on out my workouts will be very specific with a mix of very intense efforts and easy, recovery days.
Since next weekend is a holiday weekend my buddy and coach, Reto Waeffler and I are heading up to the mountains for a serious high-altitude training camp. The camp will be focused on riding, which means we will be on our bikes a TON and will be climbing numerous mountain passes (as many times as physically possible!) These focused blocks of training make you very strong and I am hoping the few days in the mountains will bring my riding closer to the level it needs to be.
Once we get back from the camp it is only a few days until the Pacific Grove Triathlon, which is my hometown race that I look forward to every year.
After Pacific Grove I will have a couple weeks of very hard work before I rest up for nationals. The goal at nationals is to finish as 1st overall amateur. Truthfully, this will be tough to achieve b/c I don't exactly race well at altitude and I have put a much bigger focus on world's. I will be in good shape for nationals but I will be peaking for world's, which in my mind is the most important race of the season. This being said, I still have high expectations for a good performance at nationals. My biggest goal of the year is to become the 2007 Xterra Amateur World Champion. Last year I won the 25-29 age group and this year I want the overall amateur title. This is a lofty goal but I feel strongly that I can do it and I won't accept anything less.
So, the next 9 weeks will be filled with challenges both mentally and physically. I will push my body to its limit and take my rest days seriously so that I can be at my best for the hard days. Without rest all I will do is become stagnant and each workout will be average and average workouts will not help me achieve my goals.
Stay tuned to my adventures b/c I promise good stories and, hopefully, plenty of success!

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