Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Moving into a new phase

So, I can say with certainty that I have enjoyed the past two weeks of excess. I can say this b/c at this very moment I feel incredibly fat and generally unhealthy. I want to feel like this b/c it helps me recharge for the upcoming season but it is always hard to accept b/c for 10 months out of the year I feel athletic and strong. The month of November always serves as down time and, quite frankly, I welcomed it more than ever this year.

Now I am moving into the prep phase of training in which I do some light training and pay more attention to my diet. I will still be unstructured with my workouts and if I don't feel like excercising I won't but the life of extreme excess is coming to a close. I start back with official structured training Dec. 1st but for the next couple weeks I will be doing some FUN, easy "excercise" to ready my body for the hard work to come.

Ironman Arizona is not too far off...everytime I look at the calendar I think, "WOW, it is only 20 weeks away!" I am excited to start training for this race as the ironman distance is such an unknown for me. The training will be long and hard but I truly welcome this challenge.

Okay, time for more coffee! Okay, excess coffee doesn't count...the coffee consumption remains constant all year!

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