Thursday, November 15, 2007

Xterra or bust

Okay, so I have been talking about Ironman Arizona and how it will be my focus for next year but I have been thinking A LOT and I have decided that I will remain focused on Xterra in 2008.
I love Xterra too much to take a break from it. There really isn't anthing like Xterra...the culture and the people are incredible and I really feel at home racing the xterra circuit. I love training for off-road triathlon so why stop doing what I love, right?!!!! Plus, with two years under my belt I feel like I am due for a break out year next year.
So, come December 1st it's on and I will be charging hard at the 2008 season. I plan on doing the entire Xterra National series and, as usual, the big races of the year will be nationals and the world championships.
In 2008 my focus will be on the bike. I will be training like a cyclist in an effort to bring my riding up to the level that it needs to be at to compete at a high level. So, that means a lot of time in the saddle climbing a lot of mountains =) Plus, a ton of mountain/road cycling races to build fitness.
I am really happy with my decision and I so look forward to all of the adventures that come with preparing for the Xterra season. It is going to be a GREAT 2008!!!!
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