Monday, April 12, 2010


--Ice Bath in the backyard =)

Been a bit of a tough week with regards to training. Skinfit has been good but training a bit challenging. I am dealing with a leg injury...some shin splints and some other lower leg issues so running has been pretty much nonexistent. I have been doing EVERYTHING to get healthy but these issues seem to be taking a long time to heal up. I did get in some good swim and bike sessions last week, which I am happy about. Really though just been kind of bummed out b/c big races are coming up and I can't really train like I need to in order to properly prepare.
So, just trying to roll with it and hoping things turn the corner soon so I can get back to proper training. I can say that I feel like my swim and bike are coming along nicely and I am starting to see some form. I was running well prior to this set back, which came on a couple of weeks ago. So, I think if I can get healthy pretty soon I can be back on track. Honestly though I have run maybe 4 times in the last two weeks and it has been nothing more then a short 30 min test run to get a feel for how things are recovering. So, not ideal but I am doing all I can right now to get back.

--Found some new trails to play on here in S.D.!

This week I am headed up to SLO and then Monterey for Sea Otter. I love this race b/c it is on trails that I grew up on (and I get to see family and friends). It is very tough racing and great training for my up coming Xterra events. I am always completely wrecked after the nearly 3 hour XC race and I am sure this year won't be any different. On Sunday I will be doing a Skinfit event in Morgan Hill and then I will head back to S.D. to put in the final prep for Vegas, the first Xterra race of the year. So, a bit of travel on tap for the next couple of weeks.
That is about it to report from here. Have a good week out there!


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Slater Fletcher said...

that is just one more good thing about being a TRIathlete. You can keep it rolling and swimming along while your legs are frozen ;-)

Cant wait to see you at the Xterra races this year!