Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sea Otter and this coming weekend

Well, the race itself at Sea Otter didn't go so well b/c of tire/air issues. I mounted some new tires before the race and managed to "burp" about all the air in my front tire about 3 min into the XC race. Okay, I am stupid b/c I didn't have air with me but I have ridden the Sea Otter trails literally hundreds of times and never have I ever flatted or lost, I took a chance. Didn't pay off so I rode the entire first lap (19 miles) on less then 10 psi. Not fun since it felt like my front tire was going to roll off the rim about every 30 seconds :) I finally got a pump at the end of the first lap so I was able to head out on the second lap. Of course, tire burped more air and I was back to no pressure. So, let's just say I didn't race but instead cruised some sweet singletrack all the while testing my handling skills. Oh well, lesson learned and I really did enjoy riding the trails. The conditions up there this year were incredible.
--The best japanese feast on the planet + awesome single-track = good times!

On to this is the start of the Xterra season out in Vegas. If you have followed this blog at all you know I have been really excited to get back to Xterra racing. Since my knee is healed and important races are upon us I figured it was time to go out and injure another body part just to keep the pain train going ;) I have been battling achillies issues and shin splints for the past 3 weeks. So, I haven't done any run training for a long while. It totally sucks and I am sure the run on Sunday is going to be tough as all hell but I will be there gutting it out. After Vegas I will be taking some time to let the leg heal so I can get back on track with my other races. I have been working with Rehab United daily and I think things will start to come around. So, not exactly how I would like to kick off my return to Xterra but such is life. I will be out there giving it my best and we will see how it goes. I wish I could say I was 100% healthy and race ready but, one thing I did learn from my knee injury, is that you just have to roll with it and make the most of the opportunities you have. Me actually starting a big race is a small victory for me given the past year. I guess sometimes small victories can lead to bigger ones if you stay patient, focused, and dedicated...I will hang my hat on this for the moment.
Have a good one out there and I will let you know how the weekend goes. I will leave you with this...


lukejay said...


Don't question anything and just race your face off.

Marie said...


Ryan Denner said...

Great pic my friend. KILL IT in vegas!

alfie said...

c ya in Vegas!! Good luck...I know i'm gonna need it. This will be my first true Xterra race(done a couple of sports before).