Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quick Update

Haven't been blogging much b/c I have been super busy.
Skinfit is rocking, I have been on the road a lot, and Ironman training has officially begun. So, you can image how crazy it has been around here. The good news is everything is really coming together and I am happy about where I am at on all fronts.
I normally take November off from training but since I didn't race the last half of the season and I am lacking base fitness the plan for 2011 has taken flight. Of course, everything is super mellow but I am training and developing my aerobic base. I did some testing while I was in Arizona and we got some good baseline figures to go off of. It was quite obvious that I need to increase my aerobic capacity. I can go hard for sure but I shift over to carbs as my main fuel source far too soon. So, the diet has changed and the focus is on longer aerobic work in an effort to improve my weaknesses. I am excited about the work ahead and about the 2011 season.
Now, while the training has started up, it doesn't mean I am not staying flexible and having fun with friends. The really serious training is still on the horizon so I have some fun trips planned. For starters, Jess, me and some great friends are going way off the grid into the Big Sur backcountry this weekend. It is a time for us to disconnect (literally), do some soul searching, and relax with some of our closest friends. I am really excited about this trip...being way out there really sets me straight and reminds me what's important in life.
Then next week Slater and I have a big few days planned. He is getting ready for Ultraman and I have wanted to do the Monterey to SLO ride for a while now (It has been years since I have done it and it's one of the best in the world). So, we are riding from Monterey to SLO on Monday, Tuesday we are training in SLO, Wednesday we are riding back up to Monterey, and then Thursday we will do a little training in Monterey before hitting the road back to Socal. Should be an epic few days and I can't wait to show Slater the terrain!
Alright, I gotta go...we are hitting the road for SLO now.
Have fun out there. Peace

Oh, and our camera broke so sorry for the lack of pics. I do have a new Flip HD and we broke out the older camera so I should have some good footage from the Big Sur and out training camp.


Ryan Weeger said...

Dude, this sounds like a badass next week for you. Totally jealous!

Ryan Denner said...

Second the other Ryan's comments.

Dude, I did that drive (well, on the 1) a few weeks ago (for the 3rd time). Amazing! I remember when I was in SLO, thinking that I wish I could train here way more often.