Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A little racing/training and Vegas on my mind....

Got out and did the Superseal olympic tri this past weekend. It was a great workout and a lot of fun racing and running into so many good friends. Races have come to be the norm on the weekends now...it's either a workout on my own or a workout with a "group" aka race. I am opting for the races b/c I go harder then I do on my own and in this case I made some cash (aka rent payment) and scored a sweet Luminox watch.

Managed a 3rd place overall behind good friend and coach Adam Zucco and Michi Weiss, who completely crushed us. I am happy with the effort except for the run...had some bad cramps b/c of experimental nutrition (trying new things for IM), got a little lost on the run (my bad...there were only like 20 cones at the turn:)), which allowed Adam to take over second, and just lacked any giddy up and go. I know my running has been going really well so I wasn't too worried but certainly not thrilled. However, based on today's brick workout (Which we hit out of the park!!) my running is WAY better then ever. So, all is good on that front =)

This weekend I am headed to L.A. for a small Xterra race before Vegas and Texas. It will be nice to get in a hard effort on the dirt before battling the big boys at the first stop on the Xterra Tour. Training is beyond good right now and I am healthy...I'm a happy kid!

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audrey said...

so nice to catch up with you on here. keep posting!

how's LA??