Thursday, May 26, 2011

4 weeks of travel and 3 big races....

My big 4 weeks of travel and racing has come to an end and I am honestly very happy to be home! I had an amazing time and I will never forget all of the adventures. With this said I am beaten and broken physically and mentally. The travel and racing took a major toll on the body and the effects were seen this past weekend in Alabama at the 4th stop on the Xterra Tour.

I love the Xterra Southeast course and I would love nothing more then to have a solid race out there but it was pretty obvious during my swim warm up that things were going to be rough. I tried as hard as I could out there but I had nothing...the tank was empty. The swim was a fight for me. This year my swimming has improved and I am normally quite comfortable but Sunday just hanging on to the back of the usual group felt so hard. Then on the bike I had no strength. I honestly felt like I was out there forever! It felt like I was doing another Ironman =)And the run, well, can't quite call that a run...a jog lets say. So, far short of a good result but we (me and coach) kind of knew this would happen. Bummed yes but a big surprise no.
--evening run at the lake

The second week post ironman has been the toughest. I have been exhausted. The fatigue is so deep in the body...can't quite explain it in words but simple walks with the dog can sometimes feel tiring. My mind is a bit cloudy still too...seems like life is in slow motion at the moment. All to be expected but I wouldn't mind feeling fresh again =)
I also knocked my knee cap on the top tube of my bike while preriding the course last week. Didn't really feel it at the time but I am pretty sure I have a bruised knee cap. Seeing Bryan at Rehab United today so he can give me his thoughts but after talking with him yesterday he thinks this is the issue. Bottom line is it hurts to ride and run. So hoping it is just a bruise and it will clear up shortly so I can get back to enjoying the sunny san diego weather. At least it forces me to get some extra rest which I need.
That's it from here...think I am going back to bed =)

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osierra11 said...

Trev!! Congratulations on completing your first Ironman! I'm very happy for you and very impressed you were able to complete it in the time you did. I see you're going to be in Colorado in the next few weeks. Let me know if you're able to meet up for a drink but me and my wife may just come up to Beaver Creek that weekend! Congrats again Trev! Say hi to Jess for me.