Thursday, June 2, 2011

Down time...

Over the past 11 weeks I have raced 8 times and done an insane amount of travel. Hate to admit it but it crushed me. Certainly if one of those races wasn't an Ironman I would be stronger (at the moment). While I had a good race in Santa Cruz the week after Ironman it probably did more damage to an already beaten body. Then following that up with travel and racing in Alabama the next weekend sealed the deal leaving me broken mentally and physically.
I honestly loved all of it though...the process was incredible and I look back on the past few months with nothing but positive thoughts and lessons learned. I have had such a great build up this year and I started the season stronger and healthier then ever. Coaching from Adam Zucco (Trainingbible Coaching), functional strength work at Rehab United and Rolfing kept me on my game for the past 6 months and allowed me to post the best results of my career.
Now though, it is time for rest and recovery. This decision to heal up means I won't race Xterra East Champs (Richmond), which is a race I love. This will most certainly hurt my rank in the overall pro series but at this point I think traveling and racing when I am not ready does nothing for my mind and body. The season is a very long one and the big races of the year come in late September and October.
Plus, I bruised my kneecap while riding the course Thursday before the race in Alabama. I knocked it on the top tube pretty hard. Honestly though I didn't think too much of it but it hurt a good bit during the race and in the days after. I am working with Bryan at Rehab United and we are convinced it is a bone bruise, which can take a while to heal. I haven't run since Alabama and I have ridden a couple of times but nothing more then to test the knee. It still hurt Tuesday during my easy ride so will test it again on Monday. At this stage I just want it healed and I am in recovery mode so no sense in pushing it.
For me, recovery blocks when you at least have the ability to go out and get some exercise when you want to are welcome times but when you physically can't ride or run the recovery block is almost painful for the mind. It is a struggle to keep the thoughts of lingering injury at bay and while this is a time to regenerate mentally the constant thoughts of what you can't do can be overwhelming. I have obviously dealt with knee injuries before and it kept me away from racing for a LONG time so even though we think this is just a bruise the thought of something more serious is on the mind. Oh well, doing my best to occupy my time with Skinfit, coaching and good times with friends and family. There has been no shortage of parties, BBQ's, and beer drinking. Plus, swimming a good bit (at noon under the sun of course) and really enjoying the lack of structure and "floating" in the water.
So, the plan for the rest of the year is to first and foremost get my knee and body healed. This could take another week or 3...I have no idea. Then the races will be...
1. Xterra Mountain Champs - Colorado, July 16th
2. Xterra Nationals - Utah, Sept. 24th
3. Ironman World Champs - Kona, Oct 8th
4. Xterra World Champs - Maui, Oct 23rd

Finally, I will be doing a couple week stint in Colorado leading into the Mountain Champs. I have been wanting to get out there to train with Cody and the Boulder crew for a while so really looking forward to this. The plan is to also stay in Hawaii between Kona and Xterra Worlds so I will get a nice little vacation in the islands for a few weeks...cheaper, less stressful and more convenient to just stay there then fly back and forth.
That's it from here. Enjoy the day!

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Slater Fletcher said...

Dude you have had a big year to unload before you destroy the end of it.

When do you get to Boulder?