Tuesday, September 4, 2007


My buddy Reto and I just returned from an epic training camp in the sierra's. We spent a few days at Lake Alpine, CA, which is at 7,300 feet and is a perfect location for a tough training camp filled with tons of riding, running, and open water swimming.

Lets just say that we had a blast and we put in some very hard work at altitude. I can say with certainty that I have come away a stronger athlete with a renewed focus on top performances at both nationals and world's. I must also mention that I found a second home up there...I love the Bear Valley/Lake Alpine area and I can assure you that Jess and I will do our best to become locals up there!

Everyday started with a swim in Lake Alpine, which is beautiful and crystal clear. There is something so special about swimming in the morning in a calm, crisp alpine lake...to bad there isn't anything like that here in monterey. Then it was off for thousands of feet of climbing over numerous mountain passes. This was some of the most spectacular riding I have ever done and I can't wait to get back to tackle those long, tough alpine climbs. After the ride it was time for a short transition run, which was always hard after such an effort on the bike.

When training was all said and done we ate like kings, stuffing ourselves until we couldn't take in anything else...except for that incredible apple pie at the lodge we were staying at...did I mention the ice cream was amazing too?!

--Okay, we did have some beer but can you blame us =)

So, it was a very productive training camp and I am so happy that we chose to go there b/c I feel that we found a second home that we will visit many times throughout the coming years.

Now it is time for a little rest as I approach the Pacific Grove Triathlon, which is this weekend. The goal is to win the overall amateur title...I have wanted to do this for a long time. This race is tough for me b/c I always want to do so well but you can't be in great shape all the time and since the Xterra World Champs is my focus, my fitness will not be exactly where I need it to be. You can't have everything, right? I will still go out there and go as hard as I can and hopefully a win will be the result. Stay tuned for a race report and thanks for reading.


jameson said...

I am down for the next trip up there. Looks killer!

Trevor Glavin said...

You are always welcome...this place is amazing!