Sunday, December 23, 2007

It feels good...

Let me start by saying that I just got a shipment of Matisse and Jack's me a favor, get online and order some of these tasty treats (! The new granola bites and cocoa bars are awesome!!!

It feels so good to be training again!
Yesterday I went for a mountain bike ride and a swim and, in about 30 minutes, I am heading out the door for a long road ride and transition run. I really like this time of year. It is really cold right now but there is something so relaxing to me about riding/running on a sunny, brisk winter morning.
While being sick isn't any fun it does help you realize how lucky we are to healthy and happy. I guess it is safe to say that being sick gives you a bit of a reality check, forcing you to uncover what is truly important to you. The entire time I was sick I wished I could be out training and able to spend time with friends and family. I also realized that too much television is just evil =)
Well, I am off to do what I love. Happy holidays!

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