Monday, December 3, 2007

Last week of "whatever" training

This weekend we headed up north to Sacramento for two reason...
1. For our niece's b'day party (2 years old)
2. To see Reto run his first marathon

It was fun to get away for a couple days. It was nice to wake up on sunday knowing that I didn't have to race and I could just go as support crew for Reto and the thousands of runners.

--Reto decided to stop for a coke and a chat at mile 21...if you blow up at mile 10 this is probably the right thing to do! What did Reto learn on should probably train for more than 6 weeks if you want to run sub 2:40 and you take the first 1/2 marathon out in 1:18 =) Way to live that "go big or go home" attitude!

After the race we went to the birthday party, ate pizza, and watched a ton of kids run around like crazy for an hour.

It was a fun weekend with plenty of beer drinking and sushi saturday night...thanks for the headache sunday morning Doyal!

Now I am moving into my last week of "whatever" training. I will get in some unstructured workouts and prepare myself for my first base phase, which starts on the 10th. I have my official training plan in place and after a consult with coach Reto I should be off and running toward the 2008 Xterra season.

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