Sunday, December 16, 2007

A minor setback

Monday marked the start of my 2008 Xterra campaign and I already have a setback...I am sick. I don't get sick often and when I do I realize how horrible it is. It is really hard for me to just sit around and rest especially when the weather is nice and I would love to be out training. The good thing is that it's December and I still have plenty of time to prepare for my season.
I have learned over the years that you just have to accept it and make sure not to return to training too soon. It is always tempting to jump back into things at the first sign of improvement but this always leads to problems. Really, I use times like these as sources of motivation so that when I do return to training I am grateful to be back and willing to put in the hard work that's needed.
So, here I am on the couch watching television (too much of it) and reading every magazine in the house. I am probably out for 2-3 more days. The good thing is that I get to spend time with Jess and get to catch up on some things that I have been puting off.
That's it from here. Have a good one.

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