Thursday, January 24, 2008

Good times in the snow

So, last weekend mike, reto and I went up to Tahoe for some xc skiing. Let's just say we had a blast and got in some solid workouts. It was so nice to be up there doing something a bit different. I am a firm believer that xc skiing is an incredible way to build fitness and I promise that I will be back up this winter hitting the trails hard!

--Taking a digger

-The prius did well once we got those chains on...who would have thought?!

Despite all the rain I have been getting in some training and it feels good. I feel like I am pretty out of shape but I think things will come around pretty quickly for me. As much as I would love to be outside putting in the base miles it just isn't going to happen for several more days. So, I am confined to my trainer but that's okay b/c trainer workouts make you very strong! Along with plenty of time on the trainer I have been getting in some longer endurance runs, core work and just a few swims. I will be in the pool a little bit over the next couple weeks and then I will hit the masters workouts hard once feb. rolls around. I think 4 months of tough swimming will put me in good shape for the season. I tend to get burned out on swimming so I have put it off until feb...I think this will serve me well come sept. and oct.

--Big Mike loving it in Tahoe!

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Matt said...

I've been enjoying reading for a few months now. I used to live in SLO, so I look longingly at the Central Coast pics you provide - heaven!

Do you do any snow running? The whole xc skiing work-outs seem epic for fitness/strength.

Keep up the good work!