Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Muddy days...

--Heading out for my muddy day

How nice is it sometimes to lose your inhibitions and to act like a "big kid?" Lately, I have had so much fun playing in the mud on my mountain bike. It is always funny to me...you start out trying not to get too muddy and by the end of the ride that is all out the window and you are covered in mud and plowing through every bit of water and mud you can find. I always have the biggest smile on my face. Aside from a little grit in my mouth my teeth are the only things not covered in mud.
Post rides sophie and I usually head out for a mud run up in the hills behind my house. Some ranchers own most of the land and it is wide open. I love it b/c there is so much freedom running up there and it is seconds from my front door. There are some trails but part of the time I am just running through wide open fields, never really sure where I will end up. I never see anyone, except a lot of cows. To me, this is the best type of running...no boundaries, no people, just freedom. Plus, sophie loves to roll in all of the cow S!$* and I just love cleaning it off of her ;)
Training has been going really well. I am just focused on getting back the fitness I lost through the month of december. I feel like I am getting stronger each day and the motivation is at an all time high! I am pumped to be training and I can feel my competitive fire burning stronger. I look forward to putting in the hard work so that come May and June I am ready to lay it down.
Get out there and enjoy all that mud...there is nothing wrong with being a kid again!

--This is where I spend my early mornings (when it's raining)...slaving away on the trainer and, man, is it making me strong!

--Wow, where did all that hair come from? Enjoy it while it lasts...it's gone in March! Now, get out and ride!

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