Saturday, April 26, 2008

Oh, how good it feels when hard workouts seem easy...

Today my rest week ended and I did my first hard session of my 2 week build phase. After a week of rest my body absorbed all of the hard training from previous weeks and I was feeling so fresh and ready to really get after it.
My hard ride and run combo seemed easy...I did a 3:30 group ride and immediately went into my 4.5 mile hilly transition run course. During the ride, I felt strong and powerful on the climbs, flats, sprints, everything. It feels so good to be finding my cycling legs. They have been absent the last couple years and I think this year I am coming closer to the form I had when I was just racing my bike. Several more weeks of hard training along with plenty of rest and I think I will be fully equiped to post some solid results.
The run was smooth and I felt like my breathing and form were all in check.
I missed Xterra Arizona today and I am bummed about that but I know missing this race is going to make me even more fired up to race Temecula May 18th. The goal is to toe the line hungry to race and I know this will be the case for me.
Alright, time for some recovery and then come monday it's on!!!!
Have a good one!

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Matt said...

Thanks for the response. When you hear taking days off from elites, it really hits home and makes sense: the body needs the down time to absorb the stress. Sounds like a scary proposition: if you're really ready during those build work-outs, they're like races you're tapered for so you hammer! Then you recover and absorb those great efforts. It just makes sense.

Keep up the good work!