Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another hard week done...

I just finished a another HARD week of training. Today was a day off so that I could catch up on things...TONS of Skinfit work, prep for interviews and some time with family.
I am feeling strong and my fitness is coming quickly. I feel like I am really building on all the hard work I put in during the first half of the season and I know I will enter my next Xterra races stronger then ever. I really am training harder then I ever have and all my workouts are specific to my upcoming Xterra races. I am not putting in massive hours but the quality is very high and I am seeing the results I am after.
I have had an addition to my race calendar...Vineman 70.3 taking place next weekend. This will be my first half ironman and, I have to say, I haven't trained for this distance AT ALL (I have only ridden my time trial bike once since last september). However, I am fit and I know I can complete the distance. I am doing this race purely for the experience and I will not be racing all out like I would in an Xterra. Truthfully, my goal is to get in some great training, to get some exposure to the distance as I would like to do an ironman at some point in my life, and to have a lot of fun. So, it should be a good experience and I consider myself lucky just to be racing since my sponsor Avia was able to get me a comp entry to this sold out event.
After Vineman I will do what it takes to recover properly and then I will get back to the very hard training as I build toward the Xterra Mountain Champs Aug 16th and Xterra Nationals Oct 5th.

Oh yeah, I did an aquathon last thursday purely for fun...I did the event with reto and nick and we had a great time, finishing the day with a couple beers and some good laughs. It is always fun to do an event and not feel like you want to puke b/c you are going so hard. A super easy swim and jog to loosen up and burn some calories before a couple beers and a mexican food binge =)...a great way to spend the afternoon if you ask me.
Here are some pictures from the aquathon:

Skinfit operations are finally under way...gotta love the beginning stages! =)

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