Saturday, July 5, 2008

A solid couple of days...

On Thursday I started the day with a good masters session at the pool. I feel like I am starting to feel better in the water with my form and power coming it is time to get the fitness to the next level with some more intense efforts in the pool.
I got back to the house, got some rest and then went out for my hard run in Carmel Valley. It was hot and it made the run tough but I actually felt pretty good, which is nice since I haven't felt to good on the run lately. After my run I met Jess for a nice cold beer and some grub in the Valley. Overall, it was a great day with beautiful weather!
The next morning I met up with Greg for a 4 hour endurance ride. We decided to do a ride I have never done, Fremont Peak. It was a GREAT ride and we got in some solid climbing. I really enjoyed seeing some new roads around here and it was really nice to have some company on a longer training ride. Greg has really been pushing me during our rides, which is perfect as I really need to get my riding to the next level if I want to compete with the other pros. After the ride Jess and I went over to the beach to relax and have a beer to celebrate the 4th. The weather wasn't so good so we went back to Carmel Valley where the sun god's were looking down on us. We went to the usual watering hole, Baja Cantina, met up with Mike and then went into Monterey to eat a HUGE burrito and catch the fireworks. So, it was a perfect day filled with good training, good company, good food and good beer.
Today is a run and mellow swim to recover before I do a harder session on the mountain bike tomorrow. My fitness is coming around so I am getting more motivated with every passing day. Well, time for some coffee and the Tour De France. Have a good weekend everyone!

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