Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hard training is in full swing...

So, I am in the middle of a hard training block and I feel like my fitness is coming along. I am pretty beat so when my recovery days come along I am happy to just relax and do some very light training. Yesterday was a good masters session in the pool followed up by a ride and run in the afternoon.
This morning I did a hard run, which was tough b/c of all the smoke from the fires but I felt strong. This afternoon I will be joining Greg for a ride and then it will be time to eat AGAIN and put in some serious time on the couch =)
Tomorrow will be a recovery day for me and i am looking forward to it.
On thursday I will be doing a local aquathon, which should be a lot of fun and some great training. Then it will be time for some long and hard training over the course of the weekend. Reto is back from Europe so it looks like I will have a training partner throughout the weekend, which will be nice.
I feel very motivated right now during my workouts. I know how much work I have to put in to compete at the pro level so every hard workout I do I find myself pushing myself harder than ever and really fighting for that extra fitness. It feels very good to have this new challenge...it is pushing me to be a better, stronger athlete, which is what I was hoping for.
Well, time to do some stuff around the house before my ride. Better get another coffee! =)
Have a good one!

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