Friday, August 15, 2008

Wow, life has been crazy...

First of all, I haven't posted in a while because my life has been out of control...sorry! I just started my new job on monday so I have been inundated with the usual administrative stuff along with traveling to Chicago for training. I got back from my first trip to Chicago at 1 am Thursday morning...a long day to say the least!
Jess and I are trying to find someone to rent our house and, at the same time, trying to find a place to live up north. We are on craislist every waking hour of the day it feels like.

--Let the fun begin!

We did manage to get up to Lake Tahoe 2 weeks ago for a family trip. It was great! We love it up there sooooo much. Being in Tahoe and all (and not being able to race Nationals this year) I had to bring my bike and I had to ride the Nationals course. Guess what, it is still AMAZING!

I had so much fun riding the course and I can't wait to do it again. FYI--it is super sandy for all you racing in October...pray for rain (not snow!).

I have managed to squeeze in some riding and plenty of running (since it is so efficient). I just love training and I probably think about how bummed I am to not be racing 10 times a day. I even think to myself on rides/runs that I might be able to race at Nationals/Worlds and then I get home to my laundry list of stuff to do and reality sets in. Being gone for so much time in September is just too limiting and once our relocation starts there will be little to no time to train seriously (and little to no real rest). So, for now I will just keep thinking about next years races and I will do whatever I can in terms of training to make myself happy and to stay somewhat fit. I can tell you that I am already forging plans for next season! I get excited thinking about it and after about 10 months of no racing I am going to be pumped to toe the line again (come May)...I think this will be good for me, especially mentally.
Well, that's it from here. Have a good weekend everyone!

Oh, Skinfit USA just launched its can now order gear online! It is the best athletic apparel on the market and it's now available here in the states...check it out at, click on the "USA" tab.

--At the bar of course

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Matt said...

There's an outside chance I'm doing montana de oro labor day weekend. you should do some trail runs in the central coast/no. cal venues just to stay at it. Or just stay fit and sip ale/red wine! Great post.