Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The joys of swimming =) and my life in S.D.

So, I am still in San Diego and I have been doing a little bit of training, plenty of beer drinking and I have managed to get quite a bit of work done for both Skinfit and my coaching business.
I have been to masters swim practice the last two mornings and it is kicking my butt! I haven't really been in the water much since June when my life kind of got "disrupted" so let's just say it is rough going in the pool every morning. I am actually enjoying being back in the water but I am so out of shape it is all I can do to hold 1:20's. Plus, my muscles just can't handle the load yet. Regardless, I am going to keep at it so that when December hits I have a good feel for the water and a good base fitness from which to build on. I actually felt much better this morning then I did yesterday so there were a few signs of hope during the workout =) and my fitness tends to return fairly quickly so at weeks end I am sure things will be much smoother (I hope!). It is so nice to have a solid group to swim with. Up in Monterey the swimming is really lacking so being down here and having so many resources makes it so much more challenging and enjoyable. I really can't wait for us to finally move into our place down here and call S.D. home!
Yesterday was a great day...James and I hit masters and then we, with the addition of Beth, went for a road ride and enjoyed the awesome weather.

--My tour guides

--Rocking the new cycling kits

It was just a nice day of training and relaxing in a coffeshop. Then for dinner we went and ate some killer seafood in Cardiff. There are so many great places to eat around here...too bad I am broke and a starving athlete now. Jess and I will have to stick with red beans and rice =) I will be here through sunday b/c James and I teaming up for a 12 hour mountain bike race out in Temecula...good times for sure!

--Our sweet new team kits


Forrest said...

It sounds like you are enjoying San Diego. I have visited there a few times and always enjoy myself.

I was hoping to talk with you about advertising on your site. If you would consider advertising, could you please contact me at aquaman910 at Thanks!

jameson said...

yeah dude... thanks for dragging my ass to masters... it's a good thing you brought all those beers or you would be sleeping in your truck!

Ryan Denner said...

Welcome to SD!!!!