Thursday, November 20, 2008

A mini-break and my healing foot

So, I had this plantar wart removed from my foot about 6 weeks ago and the darn thing made a comeback so I got it removed (supposedly) again yesterday. This means my foot hurts and there is no chance of running or riding for several days. I was cleared to swim as the Dr. said it would actually be good for it (I did question the whole public pool thing but was assured it was okay). However, this is the perfect time for a mini-break from training. I have been back training now for 6 weeks or so and I have about 10 days before the start of December when I really start back with some structured training. So, a good time to rest mentally and physically. Plus, Jess and I are making the move down to S.D. the day after Thanksgiving so there is plenty of prep work to do.

I did plan for this break and I am glad I did. It never hurts to have some extra down time before things get more serious and I start my assault on the 2009 Xterra season. I think too often athletes refuse to take adequate time off...they think a week of rest after their last race is enough and then they go back to 10-15 hrs of "light" training, thinking that it's just "social" training for fun. Last I checked the triathlon season is LONG and I think taking some real time off in November pays huge dividends as the season moves into September and October. Real rest means not riding your bike for 4 hrs, doing long runs, etc. How about some hiking, taking beach cruisers down the coast, surfing, spending time with friends and family? You know, doing things that we as triathletes don't always get to do. Kind of on the soapbox right now but I think so many athletes fall victim to "training obsession" and don't realize (or are unwilling to admit) that taking REAL time off in November will reward you more then training will in the upcoming season. I am always surprised with how fast fitness returns. Sure, I have been doing this for a long time so fitness comes back pretty quickly for me but in December I always think to myself "wow, I don't feel that bad and I still have several months to prepare for the important races." I would just encourage people to take a step back and move away from triathlon when it is your off-season. When I say move away I mean really remove yourself from riding, running and swimming and enjoy some other aspects of life that make you happy. I know your thinking, Trevor your only taking 10 days off before you start back with training but don't forget that I took nearly 2 months off in the middle of the summer to figure out my life.

Oh, and watch out for those plantar warts b/c they are painful little guys...always wear those flip-flops in the locker-room showers and around the pool area.


Luke said...

word bro...i'm feeling ya! i've got 5 weeks until the start of the next go-around. some time off will probably serve me well...especially with my second peak in late september!

Dan said...

Sux about the plantar's wart. Had one of those years ago, and remember how much cutting and freezing it took before it was finally gone.

Amen to the flip flops, that stuff just aint worth it.

Congrats on the move down to SD. Where's the new pad gonna be?

FatDad said...

I had one once that I dug out with the pointy end of a metal nail file before I knew what it was. Not cool...
Great shot of you and your Gran.