Monday, November 2, 2009

My experiments

Last week was all about getting the knee to act up so I could get an injection to numb everything deep inside to see if my issue has to do with cartilage damage, etc.
So, I rode and ran hard on Tuesday and then ran hard again on Wednesday to get it flared up. It hurt a bit when I went into the Dr. (the knee actually tolerated the harder training better I though)and after the injection it still hurt, which indicates that it is a soft tissue injury (we think). So, I will keep going with the ART, PT and strengthening. I have been getting my quad worked hard and my issues has shown some great improvements. I think we are slowly getting this thing figured out. I remain a bit skeptical but I am fully committed to getting it sorted out so I can get to training full on come December. This month is my "Health" month so it is all about getting my knee strong and back to normal.
I am going to do some different things this year that are a shift from what I have done over my 13 years of racing. I know they are all going to make me stronger and faster so I am stoked to incorporate them. Everything from my workouts to my training equipment will likely change and evolve throughout the season. Good stuff that will no doubt bring about good form for the Xterra Series. It is rumored that Xterra has pulled together some title sponsors and there may even be a so-cal event again so it should be an exciting year. We will see but if it shapes up the way I hope there is a very strong chance that I will bag IM St. George to focus exclusively on the Xterra Cup Series. Xterra is my thing and having had it taken away from me for the last year and half makes me want it even more and I want to be 100% focused on it. This is all speculation but you get a sense of what is going through my head.
So, that is whats happening around here. Stay tuned as my road to recovery continues. I have some exciting things happening and I will share them as they come to fruition.
Take care and have fun out there!


Ryan Weeger said...

good call on bagging the ironman! you will rip it up at all the xterras instead for sure.

Marie said...
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Marie said...

You have great focus and determination.

Slater Fletcher said...

"there is a very strong chance that I will bag IM St. George to focus exclusively on the Xterra Cup Series."

could not have said it better myself ;-)