Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rolling along...

Since my most recent PRP therapy on my knee I have been taking it easy...well, maybe it is better to say I haven't done once ounce of exercise since the procedure 12 days ago. The doctor said if I can mentally handle not doing anything it is best to rest it and let my body repair itself. At this point, what is the benefit of doing anything other then resting?! I have been out for about 7 months now so who really cares about a few weeks of inactivity. Sure, I hate not being out enjoy the weather on my bike or in my running shoes but I would rather be 100% come Jan 1st then still battling this injury. I do struggle with the lack of exercise and gaining weight but I have actually become pretty good at turning my brain off and just focusing on the here and now.

After all, why sit around and feel bad for myself...there are so many cool things to do and so much fun to be had outside of this small triathlon/athletic bubble we live in. Am I eating, drinking, "celebrating" too much? Yes, but I am having a lot of fun with family and friends at the moment so who cares?! I am sure there are some people out there that think I am being overindulgent and excessive but these people are likely the ones that need to actually step back, put some fun into their lives, stop chasing workout after workout, laugh more, and live a more balanced lifestyle.

Truthfully, I start to hate how one-dimensional us as triathletes/athletes are...we become so fixated on training and racing that we forget how much else is out there. I certainly think there is a balance and to be great you have to sacrifice but you don't have to be so one-dimensional and short-sighted when you do it. I have actually felt this way for a while but only now when I have been forced to sit on the sidelines do I realize how prevalent it is and how important it is to open your eyes and see what else the world has to offer. The fact of the matter is that I have hungout with a lot of professional triathletes/athletes and they are ALWAYS the ones that cut loose the most and have a lot of fun during all of their adventures. Perhaps some of the hardcore amateurs should take a page from their book? I am a 100% certain that if you live a more balanced life and stop being so anal you will be a faster athlete. Okay, I will stop rambling but I think it needs to be said b/c I see this attitude in San Diego more then anywhere else I have lived/traveled and I think it is detrimental to ones health and happiness.

Shifting gears, I can't believe it is Thanksgiving already! The year has gone so fast. Jess and I moved down here 1 year ago...crazy! It has been a roller-coaster ride but I think things are stabilizing and I am happy about this. This past year, I learned a lot about myself and how strong Jess and I are individually and as a couple. I am really thankful for all that we have...we don't really need anything more. We had money, company cars, a nice house, etc. and we walked away from it all one year ago. Why? B/c life is all about happiness, adventure, and risk. We were comfortable in our past life but comfortable isn't how we want to live so we took a chance, broke from practical and safe, and set out on a journey to find out what we are made of, what makes us laugh/smile, and to discover a life that will inspire others to chase their dreams. I don't regret for one minute leaving all those material things behind. Was life easy with the high paying job, expense account, great insurance, yadda, yadda? Could I have retired early with all the material things so many people chase everyday? Yes, but then I would have looked back on my working life and wondered what the hell I spent 50 years chasing and why I didn't try to have more fun. It pains me to see people work for 40 or 50 years so they can "live" when they retire. I would rather work until the day I die and have enough fun for two lifetimes along the way.

That's it from here. Enjoy the holiday and remember to have fun out there!


jameson said...

well said. you know i am on the same page. more beers soon!

derek said...

I agree. I currently work out with the "World's Fittest Man." He is an endurance and strength athlete that trains a lot. He is also the first one to break out of it and have a good time. He enjoys his wine, beer, pizza and cigars. He also frequents a local hookah bar.

I agree, there is a balance. But I believe in the work hard/play hard mentality.

I hope your knee gets better. I injured my back in August and I am wondering if it will ever go away. I have a small child, so it is not an option to *never* use it.

Like you, I am just going to enjoy my down time as much as possible and hope for some good healing.

Matt said...

Hopefully we can get some beers soon.
Amen on the post: Work hard, play hard.

Go Skinfit!

runninggunner said...

Great Post. Glad you are enjoying life more.

Zippy said...

I agree the Tri-snob mentality is frustrating, but it's strictly a San Diego phenomenon in my experience. I'm still pulling for you to figure out the knee and crush the 2010 season. At least your head's in the right place1

Ryan Denner said...


Another great post. You've inspired me. Stay tuned.