Thursday, November 12, 2009

What's going on?

Sorry for the delay in the blogging but things have been a little hectic.

First of all, everyone in San Diego needs to come to the new triathlon strength class at Rehab United in Sorrento Valley...the class is Monday and Thursday from 6-7. It is going to be an awesome class and it starts this Monday! You will get to see what Lesley Paterson and I are doing in terms of strength training this year.

I have been getting ART 3 times a week for my knee and I think we are making progress...really digging in there and finding trouble areas. I would love to be back training 100% by Jan 1 but we will see if I can hit that goal.

Yesterday, I left San Diego and drove up to San Luis Obispo. SLO is my favorite place in the world and happens to be the perfect distance between S.D. and Los Gatos where I am heading on Friday. I am going to get in a couple rides and swims here on the central coast before heading up north for Reto's going away party. I am also scheduled to get PRP (platelet rich plasma)treatment this friday. Basically, they are going to take some blood from me, spin it to isolate the platelets, and then inject them into the area of my knee that hurts. In theory, this should spark a healing process and hopefully get me back to health in 6 weeks or so. I am told it is pretty painful for up to 10 days after so not stoked about that but at this point who cares about a little pain.

That is the update from here. Pretty boring post I know but figured I would share what's happening. I should have more to report from the weekend as I am sure it will be a blast. We even have a Raiders game on tap this Sunday...some great seats and great friends!


Ryan Weeger said...

the platelet thing sounds nuts, good luck with that! and just as much luck having fun at a raiders game!! haha

igotem ____________ Kevin Cox said...

Good luck with the injection, I've heard of people having great success with the same treatment for chronic "tennis elbow"