Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More of the same with a tiny bit of exercise

Wow, I feel like I have been working everyday, all day to get this new Skinfit website launched. It has been a lot of work but we are finally close ( I swear!)and I am really excited about it. I have also been hammering out the 2010 marketing budget/plan and tapping into all of our resources to make sure we have a successful year and website launch. There is no shortage of stuff to do regarding Skinfit but the good news is that we are making some MAJOR headway! Seriously, some really good stuff on the horizon. In fact, we just signed a deal to sponsor the Tri Club of San Diego, which is the biggest triathlon club out there (thousands of people!). It is a great group and we are happy to be in their corner for 2010! Plus, we sponsoring Lesley Paterson 100% this year...she will be decked out from head to toe in Skinfit. Headquarters came through big on this one!

Switching gears, I was cleared to do some light riding this week. I am serious when I say light...30-45 min in my easiest gear. I have been doing it on the trainer. I also started back at Rehab United with stretching, super light strengthening, and ART. It does feel good to be active again even if it is for such short periods of time. I long for some hard riding and running but I feel so far off from that it is a bit discouraging to even think about it. So, baby steps and I hope things will turn the corner at the magic 6-8 week mark (post procedure). Living day-by-day at this point but I have come to accept it. Just focusing on the positives...good thing there are so many right now.

So, that is it from here. Just plugging along. I am certain all the hard work will pay off and you can bet I will be the first one celebrating when it does ;)

Have fun out there!
I found some good pics on the computer...sources of motivation for me in my quest to get back.

-First and last race as an Xterra pro (the past 2 years haven't been kind to racing!)

--The Skinfit boys at the West Champs (when it was actually in CA...bring it back!)

--Racing road trip...good times with good friends


jameson said...

dude... check out the guns on the guy in that last photo... yoked! haha...

that road trip was so much fun... i hope we can do it again someday. glad to hear things are progressing.

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