Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Working hard....

Post Thanksgiving I am feeling FAT....ha, ha oh well. It was a fun holiday and I am rolling (maybe literally) right into Christmas!

I have been crazy busy lately trying to get the new Skinfit website up so we can maximize our exposure during the Xmas rush and Ironman World Championship viewing. I am so excited about our new website I can hardly contain myself. You will all see is soon!

I am still resting my knee, which means the only exercise I get is walking my dog on the beach (not bad I guess =) ). This Friday it will be 3 weeks post procedure so I think I will be cleared to do some light riding next week. We will see what the Dr. says. Whatever he says I will do b/c I want to be healed and back to enjoying the outdoors. So, if it means another week of nothing then so be it. I am going a little crazy but all the Skinfit work is keeping me more then busy. They say at 6 weeks the procedure should have regenerated the tissue. The procedure along with some "real" time off should do something good for me. I mean, really, all I want for Christmas is a healthy knee!!! Come on Santa!

Well, back to work. Just thought I would give an update. Have fun out there!


Matt said...

Dude, can't wait to see the training again!

Thanks for the espresso machine advice.

Looking forward to my HAT!

Marie said...

Patience is a virtue. You will get paid back in dividends - guaranteed!