Friday, December 25, 2009

Road to recovery...

It has been a pretty hectic week....shipping Skinfit orders, meeting customers, visiting family, training/rehab, photoshooting, etc, etc. It has all been a lot of fun though!
My knee is feeling amazing. I have been gradually increasing my riding and running time. I even rode the mountain bike twice this week and it felt INCREDIBLE to be back out on the trails! I just love mountain biking and running on trails...not having the opportunity leaves a huge void in my life. I am taking it slow and I always feel a bit hesitant to even say my knee is feeling good since it has been so long since it has been 100% but the reality is that it is getting better everyday. The goal is to just take it nice and easy so that come Feb. I can start some "real" training. I am back at Rehab United a few times a week to increase mobility and strength...everyone in S.D. that is interested in becoming a faster, stronger athlete should seriously use this great facility!
Tuesday I did a photoshoot for Xterra Wetsuits. It was a great time despite the FREEZING air temp and wind! It is one thing to be out there running or something but to just stand there with very little on and be in and out of the water isn't that cool! Regardless, I met some great people and, once again, Glynn and Keith from Xterra Wetsuits impressed me. Their suits really are AMAZING! I can't wait to see some of these shots...the lighting was awesome! In 2010 Xterra Wetsuits will have 12 spreads in Triathlete Magazine so keep an eye out for them.

--Chris Lieto is hiding under the jacket =) It was a little cold in La Jolla!

Wednesday and Thursday me and the fam hit up Balboa park and the zoo. Good times showing everyone around and taking some time to really enjoy all that S.D has to offer. We also went to some great restaurants all over the county.

--Love this guy...all the hair reminds me I need a haircut!

Good times all around. Now time for Xmas celebrations starting with breakfast at the beach condo! Have fun out there.