Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Busy, busy....

Been super busy lately trying to juggle Skinfit and training. Not a ton to report actually. Knee continues to feel good and I am increasing the training load quite a bit. I trained 17 hrs last week and will hopefully hit 22 hrs this week.
I have been in the pool a lot over the last week. Need to find the feel for the water again so I can really handle the hard workouts. It is coming back quickly so I am happy with the progress thus far. Still a long, long way to go but things are coming together. I am also doing some strength sessions on the bike. This coupled with the work being done at Rehab United is making me stronger for sure. I feel like I am able to handle more training now, which I am happy about. The past couple weeks have been rough and, while I am not over the hump so to speak, I can handle more without being so fatigued. I am happy about this.
I have been so far removed from structured training that I think I actually forgot how tired it makes you =) I am often times living in a haze but it truly feels amazing to be back out there training and putting in the work. Plus, seeing all the faces at the pool and out on the roads/trails puts a smile on my face.
Truthfully, that is about it from here. Day by day, logging the miles and building a company. Long days but worth every second in my opinion.
Have fun out there!


Ryan Weeger said...

nice trevor.. those are some solid hours too, i think youre back for good! lets just hope the weather holds off next week!

Marie said...

Great progress! Keep tabs on your what your body tells you.