Saturday, January 30, 2010

Training and training some more....

The lack of blog posting is the direct result of increased Skinfit work and training. I have been busy everyday, waking up to a flood of emails, shipping packages, hitting the pool for a workout, then more work, and then more training. My days seem to fly by and every night I think back on how much I actually got done that day and I am amazed.
To say I a happy with how things are progressing would be a huge understatement. Things are coming together on ALL fronts. Skinfit is picking up with some exciting things in the works and I will log over 25 hrs of training this week. A lot in all three sports and fitness seems to be coming rather quickly. Sometimes it feels as if my fitness disappears but more then anything I am just fatigued from the increased load. My body is still learning to absorb and handle all the new stimulation.
This week I turned to Jim Vance to help me get ready for the 2010 season...he will be coaching me and I am excited about the future. He is a great fit for me on several fronts...he has raced Xterra at a high level, he knows many of the courses, he has raced against everyone that I will face this year, he has coached a couple Xterra pros to very successful seasons, he will bring new training stress (fresh ideas) into my plan, we train together regularly, he is very knowledgable, and he will be more scientific with my training. All in all, I truly believe he will get me to the next level and teach me a lot.
I have been dropping weight rapidly, which is nice to see. I have lost over 10 lbs since starting training and I am down to 153. I perform best between 150-152 so I am close and the rest should "fall" off with the increased training load.
I am still using Rehab United to develop strength, mobility and get my ART work done. The crew there has really done so much for me and I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for them.

My race schedule in 2010 will be...

April 25 – XTERRA West Championship
(Loews Lake Las Vegas Resort – Henderson, NV)

May 23 – XTERRA South Central Championship
(Cameron Park - Waco, TX)

June 13 – XTERRA Southeast Championship
(Oak Mountain State Park – Pelham, AL)

June 20 – XTERRA East Championship
(Brown’s Island – Richmond, VA)

July 17 – XTERRA Mountain Championship
(Beaver Creek Resort – Avon, CO)

September 25 – XTERRA USA Championship
(Snowbasin Resort – Ogden, UT)

October 25th - XTERRA World Championship

**I will also do some mountain bike races and some local S.D. triathlons in prep for the above races. The seven mentioned above will be my focus however and everything will be centered on these.

So, that is it from here. I am excited for the 2010 season but there is still A LOT of work ahead that will no doubt challenge me physically and mentally...I am ready for it though! Have fun out there and stay tuned as my training ramps up.


Luke said...

go get it bro! good to hear it's all falling into place.

xteric said...

Super to see you're back at it!

Mary said...

Being an injured athlete right now it's really inspiring to see your progress and your outlook on everything. I enjoy reading your blog and hope the recovery continues to go well!

Slater Fletcher said...

building on all fronts...I like that! Excited to watch you go get it this year!