Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Get over the hump....

New Years celebrations were a blast...now it's time to focus on making 2010 great!

Lately I have been focused on two things, Skinfit and training. It feels so good to be back training...can't quite put it into words. I am still skeptical that this thing is healed but I have been progressing nicely and the knee is holding up. My biggest struggle now is just getting over the hump so I can physically handle higher training loads. I am quite literally at ground zero in terms of fitness. Just getting out there in any of three sports is tough from an aerobic standpoint. I know fitness will come quickly for me so I just need to bite the bullet and work hard. I am also trying hard to lose weight (need to drop about 12 lbs) so it won't be an issue in 4-6 weeks and I can just focus on getting fit. This is always hard since my body is used to eating and drinking too much but after a couple weeks the constant hunger seems to subside (or I just accept it and can deal with it.)

Looking forward, I will be focused on the Xterra Cup Series and Xterra Nationals and Worlds. Some smaller races will be added but only as prep for the Cup races. I don't intend to race a lot this year, just target the BIG ones and focus 100% on these. I have a ton going on in my life so I can't be traveling to a lot of races but I will hit the important ones. Plus, I don't believe in racing a lot so focusing on 5-7 races all year is good for me. The good thing is that the Tri Club of SD has a bunch of great events each month so I will use these to knock off the dust and get race ready.

I am finalizing my plans and setting my sites on some big 2010 goals. If I am the only one that believes these goals are attainable then so be it. Athletically, I don't need to prove anything to anyone except for myself. So, I am content with putting my head down and busting my ass everyday to achieve the results I dream of everyday. Truthfully, I have one shot at this so it's time to buckle down and give it a go. I just hope I can stay healthy and give it my best. If I can stay injury free I can close this chapter of my life without regret and a lot of pride in my accomplishments.

So, that is the news from here. Stay tuned and have fun out there!


Matt said...

At least Jess had the where with all to order a draft!

Keep up the good work and I'm about to put that check in the mail, but a beer would be better.

runninggunner said...

Glad to hear things are going well. Looking forward to you kicking some ass in 2010.

Zippy said...

I believe you can. DO IT!