Friday, May 14, 2010

Getting old....

Ha, ha not really old but I do turn 31 on Monday and I can tell I am getting older b/c everything takes longer to heal and I move a bit slower in the morning until my body catches up with my mind.

Speaking of healing we made the call to stop running for two weeks to let my shin splint fully heal. The initial recommendation was to back off to 50% and we tried that but the issue still lingers. I can run but I hate having something nagging and holding me back so the decision was made to give it complete rest. Obviously not ideal heading into Texas (the 2nd Xterra series race) but I didn't run much before Vegas and had a decent run. I have increased the intensity in the water and on the bike so hopefully some of that high intensity training will carry over to the run. I have befriended the elliptical machine...I hate being inside on this stupid machine but it does simulate running to a certain extent and will keep some fitness.
--Picture taken by Rich Cruise...I look pretty awkward but in my defense it was a pretty steep drop :)

Drives me crazy I can't go into these important races with some proper training under my belt. Vegas showed some potential for good results since heading into Vegas I had done very little interval/intensity training, just basic strength and aerobic work. I have logged some solid training in the last two weeks and I will carry it into Texas. Really though I just want to be 100% healthy so that I can toe the line without anything holding me back. I will be there ready to race for sure but the question remains, if I wasn't injured how would I really do? Well, I know at some point I will be 100% so I look forward to that day but for now I am still focused on doing well and putting in the hard work. The run in my mind is always about guts and heart anyway so weather I am injured or not it will be all about suffering on raceday. I guess in some respects not knowing what to expect out on the run can be a blessing...just go for it and see what ya got!

I have a lot of training this weekend and we also have some good friends in town so there will be plenty of good times. The padres are in town, good beers will be in the fridge, the BBQ is primed, and I hear the weather will be killer...a recipe for success if you ask me =) All of this will be needed as I age up one more year...31 here we come!

I leave for Austin on Wednesday. Really excited to see this town since I have heard so much about it. I have also heard great things about the trails in Cameron Park so it will be fun to pre-ride the course for a few days before raceday. Well, that's it from here. Have a good weekend and stay tuned!


Marie said...

That makes me really OLD! :-)

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