Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Xterra SC Champs race report

Xterra South Central Champs is in the books and it was far from what I was hoping for. I had a mix of emotions after the race. Much of me was disappointed and upset but I couldn’t help but appreciate the other things that I experienced while I was in Texas. The people were amazing (especially our homestay), I made new friends, and I got to train and race on some cool terrain. The experience as a whole was great but I have struggled to get past the fact that I sucked big time on Sunday. I can’t quite put my finger on why I felt so bad b/c I feel that I went into the race rested and excited to put up a good fight.

The morning of the race I was having a hard time taking a deep breath. I kind of dismissed it but during my swim warmup I really noticed it and it was bothering me. Truthfully, I tried not to think about it too much b/c the gun was about to go off and I figured it was just raceday stress or something. I had some good feet for about 400 meters and then I just fell apart and honestly felt like I was drowning. It was by far the worst swim of my life. I was just dying out there and there was nothing I could do about it. I was trying hard but I just had nothing. People I normally out swim by quite a bit came out well in front of me and people I normally swim with put like 2 minutes on me. Seriously, talk about a horrible performance!
So, I naturally carried some disappointment into the bike but I tired hard to just forget about it and push the pedals as hard as I could. Again, I was just stuck in one speed and I just fell further behind, unable to ride with anyone that passed me. Then came the run….let’s just say I was done and could not wait for the finishline. I tried to push the pace but the tank was empty (despite taking on plenty of calories). Overall, I just felt sluggish and anything but fast. I was also feeling the heat, which if I am going good I rarely even notice. No excuses here. I tried hard to go fast but I just had nothing. I got crushed by everyone and I am still baffled by what happen exactly. There is no question I am in better shape then Vegas but nothing on Sunday indicated that. I know we all have bad days so I am calling it that, but I would be lying if I don't feel beat up and bummed out. It is obviously time to move on so I will focus on getting fit for Bama and Richmond in three and four weeks.

The good thing is after nearly 2 weeks of no running my leg felt good during the race and feels good today. I will try some running this week and hopefully we have turned the corner and I can get in some actual run training in the next few weeks.

The highlight of the trip was probably the massive amount of Texas BBQ I, I have never tasted such good stuff! The Salt Lick lived up to it's reputation and I can't wait to go back.