Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hard training is hard and makes me tired =)

The training intensity has gone up and it wears me out! Ha ha I like it though but some days are harder then others. My running is still minimal and has zero intensity. My shin splint is feeling MUCH better and I think we can start to mix in some harder running soon ( I hope!). We are starting back slow but I am actually starting to feel like I have forgotten what it's like to run hard...no bueno!

The swimming and riding are hard though with several interval sessions each week. Times up climbs seem to be dropping and wattage is up, which are all good signs. Lesley and I are finally on the same page so we have managed to get in some good training sessions together...it has been nice to have some company. It can get a little lonely out there when you have a long ride filled with intervals and no one else to share in the pain ;)

So, a lot of training on tap this week and heading into the important races. Managing to juggle Skinfit work, coaching and training at the moment but I notice that if I get one bad night of sleep I am done for a couple days. I have been logging some great sleep lately but I always feel like I could use just a little more time with my head on the pillow (despite 9+ hrs). That's training for you though.

Got a couple new products to tackle the season with...2010 SJ hardtail (thanks to B & L and James!), which is much lighter then my 2009 version (crazy!) and my new vendetta wetsuit from Xterra. The suit fits like a glove...I love it! They are seriously making such nice suits!

It has been really nice to be home and spending time with Jess. We had a great weekend hangout with friends and family. We even hit up Stone Brewery for Mothers Day, which was nothing short of amazing. I want to own that brewery!

So, that's it from here. Back to work I go!


Marie said...

Sounds like things are progressing very well. Great to see.

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M said...

Good to hear you're doing better. See you in June!