Saturday, June 19, 2010

Richmond livin....

Got into Richmond Monday night. The weather this week has been nice...not too hot. Of course, tomorrow it is supposed to be upper 90's (a 10 degree jump for raceday...seriously???!). They upped the start time to 8:00 to beat the heat so this should help. Plus, the race is short this year so we will be done before 10. More on the short course in a minute.
Tuesday Cody and I ran the run course, which has now changed. Wednesday we met up with Will Kelsay to get our bikes...Will drove them from Bama, which proved to be a huge help. Thanks Will! Wednesday and Thursday we rode the course (also did some swimming and running) but then on Friday I found out the course is completely different this year. We ride much of the first part in reverse from previous years and several sections have been cut out. The course is super fast and less technical. Not sure how I feel about it. On one hand, the shorter the better for me at the moment but the original course is so cool I hate to see it changed up. Oh well, it is what it is and Sunday will no doubt be fast and furious.
The river current is pretty strong this year and the water level is higher. So, the rocks aren't as bad and we will definitely have to swim "higher" in the river to manage the current. A fast swim for sure that will certainly be interesting like it is every year.
In typical Richmond fashion I have had a ton of mechanical issues with my bike. Every year I seem to have issues here. First, my wheels were completely out of true from wacking the rocks on the course. Then, it was my shifting b/c of a bent derailleur hanger. 3 sports has been very helpful in getting my bike back to normal...such a cool shop!! So, I think I am ready to roll. The test will come in about an hour when I give it a little test ride.
On another note, I have a TON of family in town, which is awesome! Somewhat of a family reunion I would say. Great that we could set up some bday celebrations in conjunction with the race. I have been hanging out with everyone the past couple days and we are having a big BBQ on Sunday. Can't wait!

--Last nights sushi feast!

So, it has been a good week out here on the east coast. It is always tough traveling for so long but having so much family in town is comforting. I am off to do some light training in prep for tomorrow and then I am back to the house to park my butt on the couch!
Have a good weekend everyone!!

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