Sunday, June 6, 2010

Solid week...

I got my head on straight this past week and logged some very solid training.  I am happy with the way the week went and I think it will give me a good bump in fitness heading into the next two races.
I got in some solid swim sessions with the highlight being a VERY tough openwater workout wednesday night.  Such hard intervals made harder by having to swim with tennis balls.  Jim is the devil in my mind! :)  Seriously though, swimming hard intervals while holding tennis balls is really hard and I was beat after trying to hold feet during some longer intervals all night.  It was awesome training for sure!
I also managed some high quality bike workouts including a tough mountain bike race in Elfin Forest.  The course was super hilly (Steep!) and pretty technical.  It was a great test physically and mentally, which I think I needed heading into Alabama. Jim has had me doing some very specific workouts in prep for Richmond and I think they will pay dividends on raceday.
I also ran quite a bit this week and I am happy to report my leg feels good.  Nothing hard but some really good technique work (strides and drills) that I think will really push my running along. Got in an hour painfree run today, which is a big step. I also got my breathing situation under control with an inhaler (thanks Doc!).  It is really helping me, which makes me very happy.
So, overall a very solid week and I am happy with it. Feels like I am getting my head above water and headed in the right direction, which feels great!  This week I will be doing some key workouts early in the week and then resting up for Alabama.  I head south on Thursday and the race is Sunday in HOT Alabama.

Yesterday. post race, we had some bday celebrations at Stone Brewery...I LOVE this place!  Great times relaxing with great friends...not a bad way to close out the weekend. Have fun out there...I am off to BBQ some grub!