Friday, February 1, 2008

Some travel and some training.

Wow, the sun is out! Amazing how a little sun can make your day so much better, especially since we have been getting pounded with rain.
After returning last night from a couple days of travel for work I am back home and ready for a weekend of training before heading back to New Jersey on monday for work. I wish I could say I like New Jersey but deep down I hate it. Sure, work will be fine but New Jersey is a far cry from California and I am not turing my flip flops in for anything!
Next week will be a rest week for me and it is good timing as I have plenty of work to do next week and travel will sap my energy. After next week I move into my second base phase...I will start to ramp up the mileage and add a few more structured workouts. Nothing will be hard but there will be plenty of time spent riding and running hills and swimming with early morning masters. I think after this second base phase you are going to see a "new" me. I am feeling stronger everyday and after a few more weeks I think I will be ready to really dial it up. I am pretty impressed how quickly things are coming around for me.
So, it is expected to rain this weekend so my guess is I will be swimming, riding my trainer and getting my running shoes (and dog) covered in mud. Not exactly my kind of weather but at least I am home with Jess and able to get in some workouts.
Take care and enjoy your weekend!


jameson said...

Have fun in NJ!!! Make sure to hit up the wegmans... killer food and a huge supply of kettle chips!

skinfit said...

I LOVE that store!! I go whenever I am there.

beth said...

hey trevor! hope all is well. i just saw on the xterra website that worlds&nationals are broadcasting tomorrow in salinas/monterey on CBS 9AM to probably already know, but just heads up. glad you're feeling better!