Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life back in S.D.

Training has been great since getting back from my 3 week "road trip." Being back in S.D. feels good and I am going to enjoy the next week b/c then I am off again...up to Wildflower and doing my first Xterra race in about 10 months (Del Valle).

It took me two full days to recover from Sea Otter. Well, I am actually still recovering but there is work to be done and I am up for it. So, Monday and Tuesday were lighter days with some swimming and running. I had a big day yesterday...did the swami's Wednesday group ride (just under 4 hrs and plenty of intensity) plus a run with James and crew in the evening. It was a tempo run on a hilly course and it was good. Today, I swam noon masters...main set was 4x400, which is always painful and never at all enjoyable. However, it is a necessary evil and certainly my weakness so I just "turned my mind off" and did the workout. The rest of the day I took care of other things so that I can log some quality training over the next few days.

Today I cruised over to Xterra wetsuits to pick up my stoked! I got a lot of great stuff including the 2009 Vendetta (so comfy and fast!) and the Velocity 0.02 (for non-wetsuit swims). I will give the vendetta it first splash tomorrow afternoon...can't wait!

This weekend will include a super hard day on Saturday with some race simulation mountain biking and running and then Sunday we will have a Skinfit booth at the L.A. Triathlon Series (Bonelli Park). I will do my long run after the race on Sunday and maybe hop in for an open water swim while I am there.

The day ended with some vino, pizza and a big salad. Jess, sorry, there was only good wine left =)

That is all I ave to report from down south. Hope all is well out there...have a good friday and weekend!


Zippy said...

Olmstead raved about the new Vendetta at Xterra REAL. You're not heading out to Vegas?

Slater Fletcher said...

Solid week! Love to hear the review of the suits soon