Monday, April 27, 2009

The weekend...

The weekend was pretty good. The week of training leading into saturday was solid...I can confidently say that I am in the best shape of my life and come my first peak race of the year (Idaho) I will be ready!
I spent the first few days recovering from Sea Otter and then by the end of the week I was feeling much better in all three sports. I tried to swim as much as I could this past week to try to get back up to speed after several weeks of bike and run focus.
Hopefully this week I can build off of the work I put in last week.
On Saturday, James, Lesley, I went out to Mission Trails for a race simulation workout...we did 3, 5 mile laps at race pace with 5 min easy spin between laps. It was a tough little course with a lot of steep climbs and technical descending...good practice for sure. My lap times started at 26:30 and my last one was a bit under 28 min...certainly not the ideal drop in times but too be expected I think b/c the effort was high and descending gets a bit tougher the more tired you are. After the bike we put the running shoes on and set out for 30 min with the first 20 min at a hard tempo. Great session with great training partners...a perfect morning.
Sunday I woke up WAYYYY too early to head up to L.A. where we had a Skinfit Booth at a local triathlon. It was a good event and I met a lot of athletes/fellow vendors. It certainly made for a long day and I was really happy to get home so I could see Jess. Hadn't seen her in over two weeks! She is off again to the East Coast for 4 days so our visit was short but better then nothing.

--Our new tent!

This week is loaded with hard training and then I am up to Wildflower...we will have a booth there.
Well, that is it from here. Off to the pool.
Have fun out there.

--The new Avia kicks showed up...really like them. Can't wait to try them out.