Monday, May 11, 2009

a good and bad weekend....

Saturday I woke up super early and went down to Coronado for my first triathlon in just about 11 months. It was the club race put on by the Tri Club of San Diego. It was a good event to test the body and to get my head on straight before this weekends race in Michigan. The format was 800 meter swim, 12 mile bike, 3 mile run.
The swim went well for me and was rather uneventful...I just sat on the feet of the fastest swimmer (Philippe)and came out of the water in second. I went out onto the bike in first and was joined by another rider. We rode in first and second the entire bike. However, no one was at the bike turnaround so we (along with 2-3 other athletes) ended up riding four extra miles. It was just a training day so no big deal but it was a bit frustrating to see everyone in front of us when we finally got back on course. The run was okay but nothing great...didn't quite have the "punch" I will need in the coming weeks but, to be honest, it was somewhat expected since I haven't raced in so long. Plus, I didn't have anyone to push me on the run. So, overall it was a good training day and Skinfit was well represented by several athletes at the event!
Sunday, I was up really early again to pick up Renata Bucher and meet Lesley Paterson for a mountain bike ride. It was a good ride until I decided to crash hard...probably the worst crash I have ever had on the mountain bike. I lost traction on my front tire through a loose corner (going pretty fast) and went down hard. I actually tried to get up right away and couldn't so I just laid there for a while to get back to normal. I was actually quite worried at that point b/c normally I just bounce right back but I couldn't and I started to get pretty sick to my stomach, which is a sign that my body was going into a bit of shock. So, I was pretty beat up and out of it so the ride was cut a bit short and we rode back to the cars.

--my life at the moment

I spent the rest of the day cleaning the wounds (ouch! It was super painful!), icing, taking alleve, etc. Plus, we cooked a mother's Day meal for Barbara and decided to enjoy the day and watch the Red Bull air races from Barbara's roof top downtown, which was very cool. To finish up the day (and to take my mind off the pain) we went to the tap room and spent some time with friends and had some cold beers. So, the day started off really rough and progressively got better, hence, the good and bad weekend title.
I am trying to heal/rest up so I can be ready for my race this weekend. I just hope it happens quickly b/c I want to be ready to go on Sunday for my return to Xterra. Talk about horrible timing but I am just trying to roll with it and think about it as an opportunity to really rest up this week. I will keep you posted on my progress. I fly out on Thursday so hopefully all systems are a go by Wednesday.
Have a good week out there and have some fun!


Luke said...

bummer to hear bro! but we all go down sooner or later.

last year i had my worst crash 2 days before the 8 hours of cool. once the gun went off it wasn't a factor at all.

heal up!

runninggunner said...

no good on the crash. Hope you heal up quick.

Am looking forward to see how you do this weekend.

Have a great week.

Justin said...

Crashing is just part of MTB! :)

I am pretty sore from the weekend as well. Got really lucky on my high speed crash though!

Heal up!

Ryan Weeger said...

Hoping you get back into domination mode soon, I'm still rooting for you and an awesome season debut this weekend!

Zippy said...

Suck! Hopefully you're good to go by the weekend. Sounds like a mild concussion.

beth said...

i can't believe this trevor! but it sounds like you have the perfect mindset. i can't wait to see you throw down this weekend!

audrey said...

that's awful, trevor. hope you're feeling better already. i'm sure you'll do great despite.

(i wanted to tell you--i ran my first half-marathon on saturday in NH : ) thought of you and your drive to keep me going on those killer hills!!)

小小彬 said...